Stone Dam Trail

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Stone Dam Trail is a 11.2 mile out and back trail located near Forestport, New York that features a great forest setting and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and running. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

Distance: 11.2 miles Elevation Gain: 787 feet Route Type: Out & Back

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off trail
over grown
3 months ago

I enjoyed this trail. Fairly long and there are a few times I was searching for trail markers and wondered if I was lost. Be careful. Dam and bridge were In Decent shape. Chub pond was a bit in the distance and never found a good trail to it. Still a worthy exploration.

5 months ago


over grown
6 months ago

The trail has been abandoned , overhead canopy is thick which makes the overgrown brush more murky and makes the faint trail even harder to spot , I would not recommend this trail for a beginner stay away from this trail if u have no experience the black flies are demonic I always prep down to the bone on all of my ventures and took one thank god wear long sleeve pants long sleeve shirt I wouldn’t mark this trail with its current conditions as even moderate this trail is difficult due to the fact that it’s has not been maintained by anyone someone went thru the trail few weeks maybe a month but that’s about it . The thick brush and thick over head canopy adds 10% to 15 % humidity on top of the humidity that New York already suffers from every summer . No waters sources but again that’s New York wilderness for yah. If u go in take a map and make sure u have experience

8 months ago

I would recommend the trail for its beauty and serenity, however the trail is VERY poorly marked. I would gladly volunteer to hand more trail markers.

Wed Aug 22 2018

Very nice trail through a very beautiful forest. The trail gives a feeling of solitude and seems like it is very lightly used. I hiked on a Sunday and saw nobody else. Not much maintenance, especially after the Stone Dam Lake area, where none of the blow down is cleared. It is not a difficult trail in terms of elevation, but you must keep an eye on the markers and look for the very faint trail in some areas. I enjoy these kinds of trails and the quality of the forest here made it an excellent hike.

Sat Aug 11 2018

I really liked this trail because of how remote it was and I didn’t see anyone else. It wasn’t too difficult in terms of terrain and the length would make it a good overnight hike (I only did 4 miles total, in and back. I plan on going back and camping to do the whole thing). This would have been a rough trail though if I was a beginner. It’s well marked in some spots but not in others and not well maintained. There are many overgrown spots and downed trees that obliterate the trail making it easy to go off track, which I did once and thankfully realized quickly. The bridge about a mile in is damaged. Passable but sketchy. So, good for hikers with experience or looking for a more rugged hike. Not so good for the newbie.

Sat Jul 30 2016

It was nice, a little overgrown in some spots. When I got there today, my group was the first out there in 3 days and only 2 1/2 pages of visitors this year in the register. It was a very quiet and peaceful hike. The bridge near the one mile mark was lovely. We climbed the big boulder. This was not a difficult hike.

Sun Jan 03 2016

The hike is quite private, and there is a scenic bridge over a creek before a mile in. If you're looking for solitude and a trail you have to keep your eyes on the markers to follow, this is for you.

7 months ago