Photos of Star Field Trail

3.0 miles
351 feet
Out & Back

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3 months ago

Visited the Baseball Hall of Fame and figured I'd get in a hike as a primer as I was planning to hike Mount Washington in NH the next day. Saw the reviews from others about where to start on Chicken Farm Hill Road since others had apparently got on a trail before this started which was on private property. Going up the road, it is marked clearly and there is a small area across from it that you can back in and park two cars but in reality, this area is not traveled much and you could park along the roadway itself. The entrance to the trail though marked at the beginning, points up what looks like is a private driveway. Because there is no other sign than what says is the trailhead just a little ways up, you wonder if you're walking up to somebody's house. Don't worry though, you're not. Though not marked, it appears to be a NY State Police building, maybe a barracks but not sure. I just saw a couple of their marked vehicles in back of it. Trail is just to the top right of their parking lot behind the building. As far as the hike itself, it wasn't difficult. It was a little muddy in spots due to recent rain but easily traverseable. I thought that after looking at the map, I'd be able to get some lake views but not to be. Though you can see a little bit of the lake as you walk, the forest is just too dense and it was just not possible. Eventually, I got to the end and I figured out how the trail got its name. Nice view and all but if you're looking to do some sightseeing along the way, this trail isn't really it. It's fine for just a quick getaway into the woods though.