Sawteeth Mountain to Pyramid Peak to Armstrong Mountain is a 15.4 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Keene Valley, New York that offers the chance to see wildlife and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking, trail running, and nature trips and is accessible year-round.

15.4 miles
4,501 feet


nature trips

trail running







no dogs

8 days ago

Great hike! Trail conditions were a bit rough due to recent rains (i.e. lots of mud and big puddles), in addition to some snow we hit at the higher elevations. Winter is coming to the high peaks region, so use caution if you're planning on doing this hike anytime soon. It wouldn't be safe to climb Pyramid Peak and Gothics without proper winter equipment once it ices over. The top of the peaks was probably about 30 degrees Fahrenheit with a wind chill making it feel like single-digits.
Although it is very wet and muddy right now, this route is really easy to follow and well-marked. The walk in from Ausable Golf Club is a bit long and boring, but once you hit the trail, you get a bit of everything-- bridges, switchbacks, scrambles, ladders, etc. The descents between peaks can get a bit dicey, especially in rain/snow, so use caution. The views from all four peaks are good, but you can't see as much from Sawteeth as you can from the others on a clear day. If there is any percent chance of rain or snow in the forecast (even just 20%), however, you likely won't get much of a view because it will be blocked by clouds. Regardless, I highly recommend this loop for any experienced, well-seasoned hikers. It took us about 10.5 hours with minimal stops (the longest being only about 20 minutes) to get the whole 15.4 miles. Be sure to plan accordingly for daylight as well-- we barely made it back by dark!

1 month ago

What a day!! Absolutely loved this hike!! Decided to go up Sawteeth via the scenic trail which was rather grueling but well worth the views of Ausable Lake. Thought the view from Pyramid was the most beautiful stayed on the summit for a half hour enjoying it.

2 months ago

Amazing hike.
good marked and easy to find. Difficult climb so now and then but thats how it should be. The views on the top where amazing and totally worth it

4 months ago

Best hike I have done so far. It was a challenging hike. I did the trail clockwise and started with rainbow fall. This only adds about 1/3 of a mile to the hike so well worth doing. Sawteeth was a fairly easy hike with a little scrambling. Pyramid Peak was was a little harder. Great views from Pyramid. Gothics was a nice hike from Pyramid. Some scambling on this part too.The hardest part was coming down Pyramid. Armstrong Mountain had some interesting rocks to maneuver around. The hike back to Lake Rd was a little challenging after the long hike. Several ladders in place to help out. Beaver meadow falls was the last site for the day. Very nice waterfalls.