Rexford Falls is a 0 mile out and back trail located near Sherburne, New York that features a waterfall and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking and walking and is best used from March until May. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Distance: 0.0 miles Elevation Gain: 9 feet Route Type: Out & Back

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It was really pretty by the time you actually got down to the waterfall. Although some things to note: I wouldn’t call it a trail, you have to turn left once you get to the bridge and walk along the fence til you get to an opening leading down to the water. But be careful and go slow because there isn’t something you can hold onto unless you have hiking poles which seeing how two women used them with ease down to the water I would highly recommend. Be prepared to get your feet wet!! Waterproof hiking shoes or water shoes are def needed to actually get to the waterfall. You can expect to get your legs wet just below the knee if you end up slipping or stepping into a deeper part of the water. The rocks can be slippery crossing so please don’t rush. I promise you once you get past all of the hard parts and get to the clearing and the fall itself it is so worth it. Try to go back the way you came as well, I was confused my first time but ended up getting up there safely.

12 days ago

Not a hike, but nice if you are willing to walk upstream to the waterfall.

25 days ago

Wed Apr 24 2019

Easy to find the way to go down the river and walk to the falls.

Wed Sep 06 2017

I love this...when it rains love the waterfalls

Sat Jun 10 2017

Nice falls. Bridge over top of falls is nice. There is a way to get down to the falls. If you follow the trail along the fence line to left, eventually the path slopes down to the water and there is no longer a fence. Once at the water you have a view of the falls. I got about 30 feet or so from the falls. It meant crossing the water, slipping a few times, getting your feet wet and I fell once. There is a mini three tiered runoff on the left before the falls. Looks like a mini waterfall. If you are only going on the bridge I would say it was small kid friendly. If you want to get down to the falls I would say it wasn't.

Mon May 23 2016

It was pretty, there is a trail that goes down to the falls, it is very narrow in places but as. 6'2 guy I didn't really have any problems. There is a little lot you can park your car at, you can see the pedestrian bridge , not too much to see from here. If you go to the left of the bridge follow down the fence line and you will come to that path that brings you down to bottom. When I first got to bottom I couldn't find a way to get past the little ledge, however if you turn around and go back the way you came , about 30' or so feet there is an easy way down. Follow the water up stream about 300 to 400 yards and you will see the falls. Now be careful because you have to weave back and forth over the stream, through the water and on the very slippery rocks. All in all it was a nice ride down from Syracuse and worth the drive. I will post pictures tonight.

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Mon Apr 25 2016

Beautiful fall but it’s not a hike. Nice place to picnic also about .5 miles down the road there is a park just in case you have little ones. There is a way down but you have to climb over a fence which I’m sure its frown upon, and it’s more of at your own risk.

Mon Mar 28 2016

Climbed down into the base of the falls, it was gorgeous

Thu Feb 11 2016

More of a scenic overlook thank hike. Surrounded by safety fences it's a great spot to bring little ones to experience the outdoors. The water fall is only a hundred yards from the road, accessible on both sides, both sides also have picnic benches.

Sun Aug 10 2014

Awesome, find the lower trails to get to the falls

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Fri Jul 18 2014

Just a nice ride out and a time to relax, very easy.

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