3.3 miles
393 feet
Out & Back

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2 months ago

Ok I found an easier way into potters falls. You can go in through the south hills recreation way trail walk in from Burns Road there is parking right at the trail head. Walk in until you find a blocked entrance on the right hand side of the trail. There is a metal gate blocking the trail and at one end of the gate there is a very unique wooden passage-way that is bent at a 90 degree angle and only large enough for a person to fit through. I believe this is done to keep bikes off of the trail. hike in and follow the trail it is a very clearly beaten path. I would not go just after a rain storm the trail will be very slippery and muddy. Hike in until you see signs saying no trespassing or swimming and something about the water shed. When you get to the signs the trail turns right. So take a right at the signs and potters falls is down on the left about 1500 to 2000 feet. Its a fun hike through the woods and I did it totally naked, so if you dare to be bare go for it. I did see that the trail was heavily trafficked since there were allot of fresh sneaker prints in the muddy areas of the trail so you may run into others. Just as long as your cool about it no one cares. I did see blue blazes or paint marks on the trees all the way in so keep an eye out. Just in case anyone wants to know the GPS coordinates for potters falls is 42.41880 and -76.464000 or 42 degrees 25 minutes and 07.7 seconds N and 76 Degrees 27 minutes and 50.4 seconds W. Mystery solved!