2.7 miles
984 feet
Out & Back

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2 days ago

This trail has changed entirely from what it was with the exception of the summit, so if you remember what it used to be, get ready for a big change! It’s 2.87 miles. It took us about 70 minutes to get to the top and 50 to get down. The trailhead is located on Potash Road, just north of Dunkley Road. It’s very clear, there’s a parking lot. The trailhead is marked as Harris Nature Preserve, and around halfway up, you find a sign that indicates you’re moving into state owned land.

The trail is definitely moderate with some harder portions closer to the top. As of July 2018, the trail is cleared and clearly marked but it’s uncultivated, which means there are portions of uphill that are just dirt, no rocks or roots to help. It’s fine in dry weather but would be tough if it was muddy or wet.

It’s a great workout and BEAUTIFUL views from the summit. As someone else stated, there are like 5 different color trail markers for no apparent reason but it’s very clear where you’re supposed to go.

The only exception was at the very end of the trail. We could see the parking lot through the trees, but somehow we followed markers that led us into a bog. We couldn’t figure out how we got off the trail (especially because there were markers) but we decided to just crash through to the lot.

All in all, a wonderful hike!