Photos of Pine Hill Trail

Distance: 2.1 miles Elevation Gain: 351 feet Route Type: Loop


nature trips



off trail
over grown
private property
6 months ago

The trail is definitely not an “easy” trail and I would not say it is “kid friendly.” It is not a well maintained trail in most spots and at some points it is very difficult to follow the markers. At one point, we ended up on someone’s property, despite following the trail markers and had to get out our phones and use the All Trails map to get us back to the car. The gain says it’s only 300 something but the initial trek up the hill felt like we were climbing straight up. If you’re going to do this trail, bring your boots because you will leave covered in mud. There were some really pretty parts of the forest once it leveled out and there didn’t seem to be many bugs, so that was a plus.