Phelps and Tabletop Mountains Trail

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Phelps and Tabletop Mountains Trail is a 11.2 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Lake Placid, New York. The trail is rated as difficult and primarily used for hiking, trail running, camping, and backpacking.

11.2 miles
3907 feet
Out & Back




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Hiked Tabletop 2/26/2017 from Adirondack Loj. Wow, talk about a ghost town, we were in disbelief. Ice, snow and rain mixture from the night before had trees bowed over and everything looking fresh. A ton of blowdown along the Van Hoevenburg trail. Can be tricky at times to navigate because of the deep snow on both left and right sides of the trail. We were the second and third people on the trail this morning only on account that we like to play around and relax at the car before we make our way off. We signed in at around 7am. The trail is very easy basically the entire way. Once to the "Route to Tabletop" sign we could see it hadn't been touched in a day or two. We "broke trail" very easily up Tabletop and to the summit. Its was challenging at a few spots but nothing serious at all. I was not fearful for my life once on this trip. Even with no tracks the unmarked herd path was follow-able with a little common sense. People say Tabletop is a viewless somewhat boring hike that only aspiring ADK 46r's go after but I thought it was rather nice. Not to mention there are many views once you break the treeline. We didn't linger on the summit to long because it was actually cold and somewhat windy. The hike didn't generate much a sweat for me so I was starting to shiver very slightly. We made it down without incident, taking some time to buttslide down and have some fun. We stopped for many pictures. Saw 6 people all day. Had basically the Van trail to ourselves which is very odd considering its frequently large crowds on any given day. When we signed out I counted only 7 seven people had signed in all day. The first gentleman who beat us to the trailhead by 30 seconds actually scratched all his info off both Loj and Marcy Dam registers for some reason, lol. Very mysterious. All in all great day. Don't know the milleage because everybody reports different numbers. Im calling it 12 as a patched 46r relayed to us in passing conversation about our destinations that morning, he was headed to Colden. All in all. Great day, great hike, not nearly as tough as I had anticipated by a long shot. Great beginner herd path practice.