Mullet Loop Blue Trail East

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Mullet Loop Blue Trail East is a 3.7 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Rock Hill, New York that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

3.7 miles
652 feet

dog friendly




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Great views, bridges over the Mullet Brook and Wolf Brook. Access to the Neversink River with ample opportunities for trout fishing. ATV accessible by permit. Well marked trails. Hunting, Hiking, Fishing. Very high bear population and thick mountain laurel so not recommended to hike alone.

27 days ago

There were some fallen trees we had to climb over which added an adventure aspect but some might find difficult. We couldn't find the big falls some directions would be nice but all trails were well marked. The hike was private we saw only 2 people leave as we entered. Definitely check for ticks though, I had a tick on my side after leaving. We would go back to look for the falls.

1 month ago

Great hike the terrain reminds me of the PNW. Easy with the kids and dog and short hike to nice falls.

2 months ago

Beautiful trail, views and waterfall, still picked up ticks on Oct 31, 2017.

3 months ago

fun. beautiful river. bits of ups and downs.. nothing crazy.

4 months ago

Great hike. You can really take this hike at your own pace or level.

4 months ago

Was a beautiful day and nice walk. Up hills and downhills. Was disappointed didn't see the falls. But maybe I went on the wrong trail.

5 months ago

Aug. 16th, 2017

2 stars because my boyfriend and I got lost for over 2+ hours because the trails were so poorly marked! The trail NEVER loops which confused us and the trial marks (blue, red yellow) would just stop out of no where.
At first, the trail was great and the trail marks were fine. But as we got deeper, we noticed that the trail never loops, the trail marks disappeared & the trail just ends into nothing.

A lot of the yellow & red marked trails were not groomed in a long time so trails were extremely narrow. Wouldn't recommended this place.

5 months ago

Great moderate quiet hike, have to bring the dogs back!

6 months ago

6 months ago

Lots of shade. Perfect for a hot summer day hike.

9 months ago

This trail was easy and has some beautiful falls BUT be careful and check yourself when you're done! My friend and I both got ticks on us!

9 months ago

Great time to see the falls in the early spring... All that snow melt!!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Clean and well marked trails. Steep and rough terrain at some points.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

first time to this hike. beautiful area overall. cool rocks to hangout on down on the neversink. due to spending to much time down at the neversink and the extreme heat. i didnt make it to the falls. but i will be going again as soon as i can. best part is this area is only 15mins from my house. i took the "blue trail east". terrain and ascends and descends were tougher than expected although very doable when you take you time and pace yourself. overall i loved it

Saturday, August 06, 2016

great trail. great workout! beautiful waterfall

Friday, July 15, 2016

fun, beautiful waterfall, lots of side footpaths to explore

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Took our dog on this hike and it was beautiful! Trails were lightly trafficked and the mountain had several different terrains. We would definitely go back!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

(ALERT-TICKS) April 29 2016: We walked the trail today and everything positive everyone has written about this trail is true and we enjoyed much of it. The yellow trail walk to the river is beautiful and we ate lunch there.
1)The entire hike was much too long for my kids who are beginning hikers and young. There are many side trails to explore but we felt we didn't have time with their low energy.
2) we thought we heard gun shots as we walked up from mullet river about half way through the loop.
3) My husband found a tick on his leg while at a stop and I saw one near my daughters shoe on the ground when I went to help her tie it. This was on the last mile of the red trail loop. We checked ourselves on the spot, before getting in the car and then again before a shower and I found a tick behind my sons ear.
I feel confident that we removed the tick properly and that it had not been on him very long but we will watch the area and check in with pediatrician on Monday.
NOTE: The red trail loop in this area at this time seems quiet infested with ticks. I've never seen a tick on a person (only pets) nor have I seen them just on the ground as I did today, so please be careful and dress properly if you choose to do the entire loop.

Monday, February 29, 2016

This trail is definitely scenic with the opportunity to see a few waterfalls. We went in February so snow was melting which made some parts slippery so you should definitely wear appropriate footwear and take caution. There are some parts where you will need to go across a small stream of water via rocks. At a moderate walking pace it took us 2 hours to complete the whole trail and come back. Parking area is very small and only allows about 5-7 cars to park at once. There are several inclines, the longest being right as you come back and are coming to the end of the trail-- I would rate th difficulty a medium overall.

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

This is a great loop. Don't miss an offshoot down and back to the Neversink River and definitely don't miss the Mullet Falls. The falls are truly what makes this 4 mile loop worthwhile. It really isn't marked. Follow my recorded track of you want to make sure you get to it (off the trail down and back). I'm also uploading a picture where I mark t with a red arrow. Hate reading that people missed these great falls!

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