Photos of Mt Marshall Loop through Indian Pass

Distance: 15.5 miles Elevation Gain: 3,405 feet Route Type: Loop

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over grown
2 months ago

We arrive Saturday morning the 22nd at 730am at the upper works parking lot with still some parking left. I knew going into this that not as many people choose this route and decided to go up Indian pass first then down the other side of the loop. The entire trail was very muddy and rocky and steep, probably one of my harder hikes I’ve done. Highlights include summit rock on Indian pass with rocks as big as houses and some fun scrambles and ladders. The turn off at the end of Indian pass to take a right towards cold brook pass wasn’t marked well since the sign was on the ground under a bush. From there the grade was steep, lots of blowdown and rocks and of course mud! Sometimes out was difficult to find markers so having AllTrails on was super helpful. Next turn to go up Marshall was marked by a large cairn and from there the trail was apparent. A few ledges to climb up we’re a little scary towards the top of Marshall. The peak is marked with a sign. The trail down to the calamity brook trail was easier, with the trek back to the car taking 3 hrs instead of the 8+ it took us up. In all was very drained at the end, only saw a handful of people and am another peak down for the 46.

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