17.9 miles
4,603 feet
Out & Back

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3 months ago

Not one of my favorite hikes. The trip in/out takes as long as the actual hikes do. It took me 3 hours to go from the loj to the cairn for these two mountains via lake Arnold trail. Each mountain is only a mile and change from the cairn so it was roughly an hour up, hour down each (give or take) and the herd paths are easy to follow. Redfield is ok as you hike along (and in) the river for 3/4 of the trail before woods to the top. The river is the best part of this hike in my opinion. Trail is easy to follow and weaves in and out of the woods along the river and in the river. Easy to navigate in the river thanks for all the scratches on the rocks from micro spikes and trekking poles. Summit has a sign and views over the trees but nowhere to hang out. Cliff on the other hand is now my least favorite high peak (and yes, I’ve hiked Blake). The amount of mud on this trail is just plain stupid and worse than anything I’ve experienced yet. Lose your boot in the mud type of mud, deep, wet, and unavoidable. Then when you finally leave the “swamp” that is the first section of this trail you climb literal cliffs (hence the name?), to a false summit only to get to the top and go over the ridge down into a col and up to the actual summit. Wooded summit with a sign and no views or places to hang out. This mountain has zero redeeming qualities in my mind.