Mount Adams Trail

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Mount Adams Trail is a 4.9 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Newcomb, New York that features a lake and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

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A fun and slightly challenging hike to one of the best firetower views in the adirondacks. Right from the get-go the trail is fun with two water crossings - the first being the Hudson river where there used to be a bridge but it was washed away during Hurricane Irene in 2011. Soon after you will find the "floating" bridge (planks that sink) across Lake Jimmy. Just after crossing Lake Jimmy the trail that takes you to Mt Adams splits from the Allen trail and the steep hike begins. Over the next 1.6 miles you will climb 1700' and earn one of the best firetower views in the state.

3 months ago

A challenging hike a view of the high peaks from tower. Hard but worth it

4 months ago

Breathtaking views at the summit but only visible from the tower. Last mile or so is challenging .. most rock climbing but SO worth it

5 months ago

Once we found the turn off from main trail to head up great views from fire tower. NOT well marked. About 50 yards past cabin , look left and one will see through over grown grass a trail marker.

5 months ago

The first mile or so is quite pleasant in fact just before $hi* got real I thought to myself this isn't all that difficult why did it get a rating of ain't easy
I recommend trekking poles if you have any sort of knee issues
Slid down some rocks rather than walk
But it was worth it
The views were top notch

6 months ago


6 months ago

Short but steep climb. Views were fantastic of Calamity, Colden and Marcy.

8 months ago

With Todd. Father's Day 2017. Just hours before w left for allen...

11 months ago

Completed this hike on 3/3/16. I've done my fair share of hikes these past 6 months and thought that the last stretch before the summit was some of steepest I've encountered yet, maybe I was just tired, and the ice definitely didn't help. Had no views due to snow rolling in. Looking forward to completing this hike again on a clear day. Took us about 5 hours round trip.

11 months ago

By far the hardest hike I have completed to date. Please let it be known that I am an overweight and novice hiker, so don't let my opinion deter you from your adventure. It's very quiet after you reach the actual Adams Mountain trail. It was a busy beginning with the surrounding trails and their hikers...but the actual trail to Adams is absolutely dead. It is STEEP and you will absolutely need hiking boots and plenty of water. The views? Second to none.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Snowshoe hike on January 21st. very wet snow, foggy and warm. Jimmy Pond was very scenic...had to hike around the pond due to the floating bridge collapse, adding additional 0.5 miles to your hike one-way. the trail is well marked to 1.3 miles when you arrive at the cabin. a short distance later you will begin to bushwack hike to the summit for an additional 1.7 miles. The trail is very steep and in winter you will definitely need snowshoes with crampons. take your time. The summit is inaccurately marked.. it is actually 3520 feet in elevation with an overall +1800 feet climb in ascent. The views were remarkable when the clouds broke. ON a clear day, the tower offers a spectacular 360 view. Very isolated trail with little to no traffic for those seeking a more secluded climbing experience.

Monday, December 05, 2016

Great Hike! Did it on December 4th, we did experience some snow and ice nothing crampons and poles couldn't handle. Very steep trail so make you sure you take your time getting up there. Fire Tower offered stunning and beautiful views of Marcy, Colden, Algonquin and many others! I highly recommend this trail and would definitely do it again in the near future.

Sunday, October 09, 2016

this trail was great well marked so pay attention start off with yellow then to red. pay attention when you get to the top it's steep and will need hiking boots sneakers will be tough to hike in .my dog did great unfortunately we had no 360 view due to clouds,But a great cardio workout.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A long, steep hike but the view from the fire tower is worth every step!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

I thought a 5 mile hike would be nothing! well i underestimated this trail. definitely a difficult trail. it's starts off simple and flat and then it's all uphill with no breaks from the incline. lots of obstacles: trees, roots, giant rocks, mud, but by far worth it. the view from that fire tower has to be the most incredible thing I've ever seen! I have asthma and forgot my inhaler so we had to take all few breaks. made it up in a little over 2.5 hours and ran back down from top to car in 1 hour and 15 minutes. when you're about 800 ft from the top, you can turn around and see out the trees. it's the only place besides the top with any view. it's amazing!! definitely can't wait to do it again!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Hiked memorial weekend which was a hot and humid day. Started around 10am and finished by 2pm. Starts out fairly easy crossing over the river (will have to carry dogs over metal bridge) and around lake jimmy (not swimmable) and than the incline starts which was HARD! I'm in really good shape but the incline is steep and never stops until you get to top! But once you are there, only view is from the firetower which is BREATHTAKING! So far my favorite firetower view. They have a map at top that tells you each peak you see, from high peaks to Santonini range. I would definitely do this hike again at beginning of hiking season to train cardiovascular system

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

This was by far the most difficult hike my family has completed so far. We had read multiple reviews with very mixed ratings with regard to difficulty, and decided to take our kids (ages 4, 6 and 12 years) and dog (11 year old lab/shepherd) anyway. We started at about 9:30 a.m.. It was around 72 degrees but forecast to be 90. Our backpacks contained many snacks, water bottles and summit beverages. The hike started out nice and easy, over the Hudson via suspension bridge and then around Lake Jimmy where series of planks were laid out to avoid the mud. The trail markers were easy to see and we had no problem finding the trail past the cabins (this was something we read had been difficult in the past). We soon found that, oh yes, the hike truly did deserve its "difficult" rating! We made it up safely and the view from the fire watchtower was well worth the climb. The tower was in excellent condition, too. We enjoyed a long break before heading down. The descent of most of our hikes is usually quicker than the climb up, but not in this case, at least not the mile and a half down from the firetower; almost every step required planning and focus. We were back in our car around 3:15. We adults had sore hips and ankles and our poor dog could barely get up the next day! If we could do it over, we'd have carried less water, but would add water filters; there were plenty of streams along the trail.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Hiked May 14/16, only a very small piece of ice left that is easily missed off the trail. To the summit took 2.5 hours with a few breaks. I thought it was challenging. If your planning to do this hike, do it soon as I read they may remove the Fire Tower. The summit is covered so the only view is from the tower.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

So close yet so far. My wife and I renamed it Mt Vaffanculo because we had to call it quits approx 300 feet from the summit. We inadvertently took the wrong trail at the old cabin split and had to backtrack ( a sign for the fire tower was actually pointed in this wrong direction! ) This mistake cost us valuable daylight and energy we had counted on to eventually reach the summit. Once we got back on the trail it was well marked but was also very muddy on account that it snowed a few days prior which made the steep rock climbs slippery. I honestly wish I packed along a rope line, which would have been helpful in the steepest of spots. Regardless of not making the summit, we still totaled 5.6 miles out and back due to the wrong trail and the detour around Lake Jimmy since the bridge was closed. We will definitely be back for a second attempt to the summit!

Sunday, November 02, 2014

As others have said, this starts out as a flat, easy, but lovely hike. After the old cabin, it begins to climb in elevation, and turns into quite a fun challenge. Be ready for some scrambling and root-grabbing on the way up. Also watch your footing on the way down, especially if it's wet out. Even as a fit 30 year old, I had to do some careful sliding down on my butt at times! You can do this easily in a few hours if you're in decent shape, but bring plenty of water and strong knees! The views at the top of the fire tower are insanely breath-taking, and so worth the effort.

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Mount Adams is an experience not to be missed! The roads to the trail head just past the old ironworks furnace are very clearly marked. There is a new suspension bridge over the Hudson River, and a re-route around Lake Jimmy, so the trail is now dry. 1st half is relatively flat. The trail veers right at the old caretaker cabins, and shortly thereafter is a clear marker for Mt Adams on the left, into the woods. Continuing through the dense trees, the there is little gain in height until crossing a stream. The marked path is then steep in sections, but moderates in other areas. It is quite rocky in some places. There is a large, steep rock slab that can be negotiated by excellent hand holds along the sides. Despite close proximity to Allen mountain, the rocks on this trail do not have the the slippery Allen "slime". The summit is completely closed in, but climbing the fire tower gives one of the most breathtaking 360 degree views in the Adirondacks: the Santanonis, Sewards, Wallface and MacNaughton, the MacIntyres (including a clear view of Shepherd's Tooth on Iroquois) , Colden, Marcy, Skylight, Cliff and Redfield, Allen, and numerous smaller peaks. In the tower cab is a map to help identify the mountains. Give credit to the volunteers who cleared this trail. Formerly almost impassable due to blowdown, it is now easy to follow. And kudos to those who refurbished the old, abandoned fire tower: it is solid and beautifully done. There is even a lovely wooden bench at the foot of the tower. Be sure to go on a clear day to enjoy the truly awesome vista. Save some time to see the nearby historical sites with informative interpretive signage: the deserted town of Adirondac, and the ironworks furnace area. Also the old caretaker cabin along the trail is open, and there are plans to refurbish this as well.

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