Moonshine Ridge is a 2 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Round Top, New York that features a great forest setting and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and cross country skiing and is best used from December until March.

Distance: 2.0 miles Elevation Gain: 269 feet Route Type: Loop

cross country skiing



This trail is predominantly used for cross country skiing. The trail passes the Bareback Brook, Daisy Field and pristine forest before arriving at Moonshine Ridge a steep and tricky downhill. Please inform the front desk at Winter Clove Inn that you will be skiing/hiking before heading out. The trail is marked with red paint however blue paint used to be used and is still visible in some parts, skiing/hiking trails are marked with varnished wood signs while mountain bike trails have white signs. Start in the parking lot alongside the Carriage House (bowling alley) and follow the road towards the woods. Once entering the woods you will cross a small wood bridge and follow a trails sign directing you to the left and down a small hill towards the Bearback Brook. Cross a larger bridge and follow the trail to the left along the side of the stream. About 50 yards after the bridge you will arrive at another intersection, here continue straight along the brook. In a few minutes you will arrive at another intersection where you will turn right and go uphill. In 200 feet you will come to another intersection where you will turn right and the trail goes across the side of the hill. After a short distance the trail will intersect with Turnicut (a mountian bike trail) before making a near 180 degree turn and beginning to tac up the hillside. You will cross over a stonewall and a short distance after that you will enter the bottom of the Daisy Field. Upon entering the field you will see a trails sign pointing left, follow the trail to the left and up diagonally across the field. Near the upper right corner of the field the trail will re-enter the woods marked by a Trails sign pointing straight ahead. Before entering the woods take a minute to turnaround and enjoy the view of the mountain range. The trail will be relatively straight with a gradual upward slope. A few minutes later you will come to an intersection where you will continue straight, from this point the trial forms a loop and will return to the intersection. In about 150 feet you will come to two intersections at the first you will bear right and at the second you will bear left/straight. The trial will remain relatively flat with a slight upward slope. In a few minutes the trail will make a near 180 degree gradual turn to the right. You will arrive at a Y intersection with the right marked as the easy route, this is your last chance to bypass the steep downhill. If you are brave continue straight and the trail will go up a small hill before arriving at the top of the ridge where the trail will bear to the right and downhill. If you choose the easier route bear right and follow the trail down to the bottom of the hill where you will turn left and meet up with the Moonshine Ridge trail in a small field. At the bottom of the downhill is a small field and the trail will intersect the Pitch Pine Trail before continuing straight across the small field, where it will re-enter the woods surrounded by small pine trees. In a short distance the trail will arrive at another small field with a lean-to directly in front of you. In this field turn right and in a short distance the trail will turn to the left and go down a small hill and meet back onto the trail you were on earlier completing the loop, at this point turn left and back-track to Winter Clove Inn.

Fri May 31 2019

Did this last week. Enjoyable trail. Some up-hill moments which felt good on the legs. We actually veered into a different trail toward the East end which opened up into a lovely clearing with a far view. I attached the picture. Use spray or long bottoms cause we did find ticks.