Lover's Loop from Winter Clove Inn

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Lover's Loop from Winter Clove Inn is a 1 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Cairo, New York that features a lake and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round.

1.0 miles
114 feet

kid friendly


cross country skiing



trail running



This mile long relatively easy hike begins in the parking lot near Winter Clove Inn's outdoor swimming pool, along the way it crosses a covered bridge and Artist Falls before arriving at a large pond and looping back to Winter Clove Inn. Before hiking inform the front desk you are using the trails, the trail is marked with red paint however some blue paint from old markers may also be visible. The hike begins in the small parking lot near the outdoor pool and Oaks Lodge. To the right of the dirt road you will see a small trail entering the woods. The trail will begin with a gradual upward slope and at the top of the small hill you will find several large pine trees and a railing guiding you down to the covered bridge. Continue across the covered bridge and you will immediately arrive at a T intersection, go to the right to lead away from the creek. In about 75 feet you will arrive at a 4-way intersection, here you will see a sign for Lover’s Loop directing you to continue straight and up a small rocky hill. The trail will then turn to the left and the uphill slope will become more gradual. The trail remains rather rocky with moss.You will arrive at a Y intersection with the Yankee Smith and Stopple trail going off to the left. You will continue to the right (straight). At .3 miles into the hike you will arrive at another trail intersection for Rolling Chunder, a mountian bike trail. Continue straight and shortly the trail will make a near 90 degree turn to the right and there will be a steep embankment to your left. In approximately 100 yards you will arrive at another intersection with a very steep trail merging from the left. You will continue straight. In another 100 feet the trail will dip down a small hill and arrive at another Y intersection, proceed on the more noticeable trail to the left which gradually goes up a small hill. Near the top of this small hill is an intersection with The Knobb, a mountain bike trail, continue straight. The trail will remain flat with a very gradual downward slope. At .5 miles you will arrive at an intersection with Cheap Thrill, a mountain bike trail, continue straight and the trail will go down a small hill and into an area with many small pine trees. In a few feet the trail will turn to the left and become covered in moss. At .6 miles the trail will approach a creek bed however it makes a near 90 degree turn to the right before reaching the creek. The trail will remain level and the creek bed will run parallel to the trail on your left. In a short distance Cheap Thrill will once again merge into the trail from the right followed by Fish Pond Spur merging from the left. You should be able to see the pond ahead and to the right. Continue on the path that follows along the edge of the pond. Near the edge of the pond at .7 miles you will arrive at an intersection with a large half buried rock and a small birch trees on the left. At this point go to the right along the pond edge and in about 20 feet the trail will turn to the left and lead away from the pond. In a short distance at .8 miles you will come to a stonewall that cross the trail. This stonewall is from the early 1800’s when this area was farm land. After crossing the stonewall the trail will remain mostly flat with some small up and downhills. At 1 mile the trail will arrive at another intersection and the Winter Clove Brook will be in front of you as well as a large wooden building. This building dates back to the early 1800’s and was the sawmill that created the original lumber for Winter Clove. At this intersection continue to the right and you will begin to see the waterfalls and covered bridge.The trail goes up a gradual slope before an abrupt downhill which will bring you back to the original 4-way intersection. At this point turn left, cross over the bridge and continue back to Winter Clove.