Little Quarry from Winter Clove Inn

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Little Quarry from Winter Clove Inn is a 1.7 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Cairo, New York that offers scenic views and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is accessible year-round.

1.7 miles
344 feet
Out & Back

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This .9 mile (1.8 round trip) trail takes you to the site of an 1800's stone quarry and passes the Bareback Brook and pristine forest along the way. Please inform the front desk at Winter Clove Inn that you will be hiking before heading out. The trail is marked with red paint however blue paint use to be used and is still visible in some parts. The hike begins on the dirt road alongside the #1 tee on the Winter Clove golf course. Follow this road up along the #1 fairway and proceed past the #1 green to the #2 tee, here you will see a trails sign directing you into the woods. The trail will re-emerge from the woods near the #8 green. You will go up a small hill and the #7 green will be in front of you, go diagonally left across the #7 fairway and you will cross a small drainage ditch and continue to the left along the #7 fairway towards the #6 green. In front of the #6 green the trail will once again enter the woods and go up a hill and to the right. Near the top of this hill you will come to an intersection with Webster’s Pass on your left, turn left onto the smaller Webster’s Pass trail which runs across a steep slope. In a short distance the trail will merge into a larger more noticeable trail and you will follow the Webster’s Pass sign to the left. In about 15 feet the N. Point and W.C. Falls trail will intersect from the right, continue straight and both sides of the trail will have thick laurel undergrowth and you will begin to enter a pine grove with a steep bank on the left side of the trail. Follow the trail down towards the Bearback Brook and cross the brook and go up the hill on the other side. Near the top of this hill the Bearback Pass trail will intersect from the left, this can be used as an alternative route back however it is a more difficult and tricky trail. The trail will once again become surrounded by laurel and the Little Quarry trail will turnoff to the right a few feet after the Bearback Pass trail. The Little Quarry trail will initially be moss covered with thick underbrush with a gradual uphill. The trail will run alongside a small runoff creek and the laurel will give way to several small pines. A section of the trail will be washed out with an alternative path leading around this section. The laurel will once again return and you will arrive at an intersection, continue to the right/ straight and in about 20 feet you will see a small outcropping of rocks. The trail will bend to the left and you will arrive at the quarry. This is the end of the trail, you will backtrack to return. Please do not move any of the stones, many remain in the same place as they were originally left by the quarry workers.