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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

One of the best gems in the Adirondacks as you don't need to be an expert and can experience the tranquility of wilderness aka primitive camping. Above and beyond any car-camping experience - so you will need to bring some essencials with you in order to be comfortable. However pack light because you have to carry everything, including your kayak or canoe, about 1/3 of a mile to the shoreline. Once there, you'll feel like you stepped back in time...there are no cars, no buildings, no sounds except your paddle in the water and the loons at night. The most tranquil location I have ever camped! Began camping there in the early 90's an thought it was busy then! Now there are outhouses in the parking lot, and some campsites even have designated bathroom spots with a wooden seat! Probably because of the inconsiderate people who just do their business and leave it on the ground.

There are 4 island campsites - which are incredibly beautiful, large, spacious, and difficult to obtain unless you get very lucky and see someone leaving. In fact, the last few years I've had trouble finding any sites at all! So get there early and be patient...I've never waited more than an hour or two maybe before a site opens up. Worst case you can make your own campsite, which there are rules for but IDK what they are.

Be sure to bring or prepare at the bare minimum:
1. Water filter (or bottled water, but trust me it gets heavy after 1/3 of a mile!!!)
2. Bug spray - it gets pretty bad depending on the time of year and rainfall
3. Bear bag - hang all food and clothing worn while cooking food
4. Saw - there is always plenty of downed branches or trees around, but I've had to trim a few times
5. Obvious gear: tent, sleeping bag & pad, mess kit, stove (tri-pods work perfect here!), biodegradable soaps, extra fuel for stove, lanterns, flashlights (headlamp), head-net wouldn't hurt, and everything else you need to survive and be comfortable!!

I hope this helps