Giant Mountain via Ridge Trail

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Giant Mountain via Ridge Trail is a 5.2 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Saint Huberts, New York that features a lake and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail is primarily used for hiking, rock climbing, camping, and nature trips and is best used from June until March.

5.2 miles
2890 feet
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A moderate hike over varied terrain including open rock areas and several false peaks before you reach the summit. There are two trails - one slightly longer but less steep and one that is shorter but steeper. The views from the summit into the High Peaks region are excellent. You can also access Rocky Peak Ridge as part of your day hike - the mileage for this additional hike is not included in this total.

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2.5 hrs up to the top and 2 hrs coming down, it was a great work out

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First of 46! This was a tough hike as it was very steep pretty much the whole way. Also a bit scary at certain points. Just be cautious, and pay attention to the trail and markers and you will have an amazing hike! The view at the summit is well worth the hard work! And there are many beautiful views along the way as a treat as well. ⛰

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First of 46. Great views before and at summit. Perfect day for a hike, cool and low humidity and it was actually crowded. People at all levels of experience enjoyed the day; runners and plodders. It was definitely work, both up and down.

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The mountain and trail are pretty awesome. Took 4 hours to summit with my 7 year old daughter. I went at her pace and never got winded. Great views for most of the Ridge Trail. As others have stated the last .7 of a mile takes forever. We went over the bump on the way up and around it on the way down. Going over is the better choice IMO. Summit itself is glorious!
We hiked back down with another Dad and his two boys. Took about 2:45 to get down.

My only complaint has nothing to do with the mountain or trail... Seriously... Bury your s#it people! Or, better yet hold it and use the freaking marked privy!

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i was expecting it to be a bit harder but it wasn't terrible. If you go with the Ridge Trail you get some amazing views at multiple spots which you don't get with the other trail to Giant. Fantastic views. The last .7 miles seems like it took forever. It isn't that crowded either so you can enjoy the time at the peak. I would recommend walking 5 minutes on the trail after the peak to a spot on the rocks which will allow you to see the peak as well for a different view,

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This was the hardest hike I have completed to date. A big challenge with a big reward. Please note that all trails has this listed as 5.2 miles round-trip but this is listed on the DEC trailhead sign as 6 miles round-trip. This trail is not marked very well. There were several times where we had to search for the trail. More trail markers are definitely required. This trail is a constant ascent, there are no easy portions or long flat sections on this trail whatsoever. The interesting detail about the hike on this trail is that you can begin seeing beautiful views of the Highpeak's halfway up this trail. Unlike other trails were you are in the woods and only get the great view from the summit, you can see excellent views at multiple portions along this hike.

This was a very strenuous hike, we had every intention to hit rocky peak in addition to giant, but to do the additional round-trip with the 1400 feet elevation change as well to get to rocky peak was simply not feasible during our trip as we were exhausted. For reference I would consider my friend and I to be in average shape.

Things to know:

There is a stream that you will cross a few times at the very beginning of this hike, and there is giants wash bowl for water sources early on. Other than that there is nothing past Giants wash bowl for hydration if you run out of water.

There is a very cool bridge made of two huge split logs at giants washbowl

We went around the bump, not over the bump so I have no input to provide on what the bump was like

When you get to the point on the trail where it says .7 miles left do not be deceived! It is an incredibly difficult .7 miles to climb to the summit of this mountain

I had hiked cascade and porter prior to giant, and was told by several people that giant was the next easiest mountain to climb, and I would greatly dispute this! This is not an easy mountain and is MUCH more difficult than cascade and porter

With 3000 feet elevation gain in 3 miles you have to consider the fact that you were climbing up three 100 story buildings to get to the summit of this mountain in a very short distance

Overall this is a truly excellent, steep, difficult hike with incredible views throughout the hike

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Great climb!

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This hike didn't disappoint, even in the rain. Had a great time climbing up the rocks around little waterfalls, and the views were fantastic. Had a quick lunch on a rock face with a great view of the mountains and watched the storm roll in.

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Today was a good day on Giant Mt. not too hot. The trail is pretty steep from the get go, this is my 12th 46er peak and it was one of the more challenging. That being said, it was wet and slippery which made the pace slower and this was my (just turned) 7 year olds first high peak! Honestly, would not recommend this as a first for young kids but he rocked it anyways!! Left at 6:40am, summited at 9:38am took a longer break, descended at 10:00am and got to the car by 12:54pm. Not bad for a trip with a 7 year old on a pretty technical climb with slippery conditions. Got cloudy in the last 40 min of climb so the view wasn't great, however several very rewarding views along the way, looking west over chapel pond.

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Long but beautiful. I went pretty early (about 630am) and trail was very slippery on the way back down.

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well laid out trail with excellent views...climbed on 8/15/2017

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This trail is very rocky and arduous at some points but there's many, many views going up the the top you get views of Gothics, Armstrong and the Wolfjaws. I didn't continue onto rocky peak only because the time of day I got to the summit. Going to Rocky Peak takes about 2 hours added onto your trip on the trail. Be careful coming down this trail. Again it's very rocky and steep. I fell a few times coming down and there a few bare rock steep climbs that u have to worry about going up and down. Other than that, Giant makes a very good day hike. If you would like to do Rocky Peak Ridge, I would definitely move it through the flat parts. Also you get views of Giants Washbowl anywhere from this trail. Giants Washbowl is beautiful. Make sure you take a right to keep going to Giant. I first made the mistake of turning left going to the Washbowl trail. Very nice day hike, I would recommend this for beginners who have some experience.

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Went up Mt. Giant on 8/13 with my husband and brother. We are not experiences hikers with less than one mountain under our belt. The hike was challenging for us but doable. The views are amazing making the trail worthwhile. If you are unable to make it all the way up the mountain, the views half way are just as beautiful.
We started the summit at 12pm and completed it at 6:58pm. It took us 7 hours (5x stops and 15m at the top). The beginning of the summit it relatively easy but it it quickly gets challenging two miles into the hike. Two miles into the hike, the climb gets steep. During the last mile there are some bog rocks that are watery that make it challenging to climb. We had to stop a few times to rest (non-experienced hiker) because we were getting winded from the steep hikes. Once we got to the top it was gorgeous we stood up there for 15 min and enjoyed the view. The descent nearly killed our knees. The rocks are not forgiving. It took us 3 hours to get down the mountain, it could have been shorter but I took it slow ( I was not comfortable with the steepness of the rocks).
Take plenty of water with you and snacks or sandwiches. I saw many people who did not have poles, we used sticks.... but I assume it is easier with poles. I had sneakers but hiking boots would have helped, not necessary in my opinion. I would have layered up and wore long pants.
Overall, it was a great experience. We would recommend it for anyone ready to tackle on the first hike.

A great hike with superb views as you are climbing. Give yourself time, took us 6 hrs up and down.