Escarpment Trail to Burnt Knob

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Windham-Blackhead Range Wilderness

Escarpment Trail to Burnt Knob is a 10.6 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Maplecrest, New York that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from February until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Distance: 10.6 miles Elevation Gain: 2,713 feet Route Type: Out & Back

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7 days ago

If you have the time, definitely worth it. There is a section before you reach the top that gives you an "enchanted forest" feel. Absolutely gorgeous. A bit strenuous going up if you're getting back into shape but the view is excellence you don't wanna miss.

25 days ago

11 months ago

I did this as a through-hike with two cars, and descended via the Black Dome Range trail. It's such a beautiful hike with stunning woods and breathtaking views; since you're on the escarpment trail you can enjoy views north into the valley, and views south into the mountains. It's also one of the gentler hikes involving one of the 35 high peaks. So much to see and enjoy.

Sun Jun 24 2018

Decent hike with spectacular views. Can't ask for more.

Fri Oct 27 2017

Very well marked and very woodsy, there’s a part where you walk through a pine tree forest. Rocky for some parts. Views are amazing.

Mon Aug 28 2017

Great trail with amazing views

Tue May 16 2017

Includes Windham, one of the 35 high peaks of the Catskills. 4 great lookout points off the sides of the trail. Need to stray a bit from trail to get all the view points. Chiseled into the rock at the viewpoints are the names of adventurers who came before you and the year in which they visited. The earliest date I saw was 1851. (See photos)

Thu Apr 20 2017

My recording is the hike down from windham high peak. (If you're looking to cross a 3500 off) Moderate, easy hike. I did it to cross off WHP, But will definitely be back to finish the way to burnt knob.

Thu Aug 18 2016

I had a really nice time with this trail. There was lots to see and minimal people on the day I was there. I almost made it all the way to Burnt Knob but stopped a little short since rain was in the forecast. Still got to take in some nice views at WHP. Altogether I made about a 9 mile hike out of it. This will be the one to beat for the rest of the season. Just mind the large rocks on the way back down. They can be a little slippery.

Sun Jul 24 2016

Great trail! Different areas make for different type of hiking and sight seeing. I loved the pine tree forest. I do recommend hiking boots though. There are a lot of rocks to step on, over, and climb up. It has been a hot dry summer so the trail was dry. I can see where it gets muddy in other seasons so be prepared for that.

Sun Jul 03 2016

Sun Mar 27 2016

I summited Windham High Peak (WHP) using the Escarpment Trail (blue markers) from the Cross Road Parking Area. You can also access WHP and the Escarpment Trail from the Peck Road Parking Area. You take the Elm Ridge Trail (yellow markers) which then connects to the Escarpment Trail. You reach the summit just after the 3500’ sign. There is a vista on the right of the trail with views of X. Continuing toward the summit, there is another vista on the left. The summit is denoted by a USGS marker embedded in the rock just past this view point. Overall, the hike is a pretty steady incline that wanders through some old growth forests and would be suitable for older children (maybe 10 and older).

Mon Dec 28 2015

Great climb with my 2 boys, my friend and his four boys. Ages 6 to 11. The view was obscured by cloud cover when we got to the peak but quickly cleared in 10-15 minutes. Definitely will do it again in the summer.

Fri Nov 20 2015

Very good trail for moderate hikers. No big rocks to climb. 3 good views on top. Took us 4 hours there and back.

Mon Nov 09 2015

Pretty mellow compared to other mountains in the Catskills. Elevation gain will make you sweat and give you a decent cardio workout but nothing technical. Only took about 90 mins to get to the top at a moderate pace. Some very dense and very cool old growth pine wooded areas along the route up. A required hike for the Catskill 3500 club. Would have done Black Dome too had I had more time.

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Mon Oct 05 2015

Beautiful hike on a cool fall afternoon

mountain biking
Sun May 31 2015

A lift serviced mountain bike park at Windham Mountain Resort for riders of a wide variety of skills, ages, and interests. The Mountain Bike Park will feature flow style trails professionally designed by gravity logic. New intermediate level terrain will complement the existing UCI World Cup and Race The World trails. The bike park will also include a pump track, rentals, lessons, guided tours, retail and food and beverage.

Sun Apr 19 2015

Windham High Peak is a section of the network of trails in the area that interconnect, suitable for easy family nature walks right up to day-long hikes to the number of challenging summits. Windham High Peak itself is a relatively easy to moderate peak to reach, taking you through a variety of terrains, deciduous woods, dark pine forest and open rocky trails. The summit area has 3 great vantage points delivering spectacular views. One that made me smile was the sight of the famous 'Point Lookout Inn' which makes its name from the alleged "5 state view" from the property. Looking down on the now tiny white inn on rt 23, then looking up and out again from the peak is a nice experience.. NOW can you see 5 states ? !! Again we completed this on a clear, blue sky day. Mid to strong winds and pleasant 65 degree temperature. We were in no hurry to complete this and enjoyed the day

Fri Oct 10 2014

Hiked Windham this past Sunday (Oct 5th, 2014). Perfect time of the year if fall colors are what you want to see. the "Trail Info" indicates this hike is 6.6 miles but my gps measured the hike at 7.51 miles and I didn't wander off the trail at any point. Having said that this is an easy hike, suitable for couples and families. If the leaves are off the trees you'll have to be extra careful with your footing. This is a rocky trail and fallen leaves will cover loose rocks. This is a required hike for the 3500 Foot Club but it is also a hike with numerous view points. I would compare it to the Panther Mtn hike along Giant Ledge. Tons of great places to stop, take pictures or eat with a million dollar view. Start at the Trailhead at the very end of Big Hollow Rd. then walk BACK down the road you just drove up for about 100 feet. Walking in this direction the trailhead is on your right (to the North). Cross a small foot bridge and the trail register is just a few steps past the end of the bridge. This year the streams were pretty dry, that's good because there are numerous small streams that you have to rock-hop across. It could be tough in a rainy season. The initial trail from the trailhead is the red-blazed Black Dome Range Trail. After about the mile you come to a trail intersection (intersects with the Escarpment Trail). Take the blue-blazed Escarpment Trail to your left (West). There are signs at this intersection, so if you can read, you won't get lost. Stay on this trail for another 2.5 miles to Windham High Point. The lookouts along the trail provides views to the North, South and West. If you have ever hiked Blackhead, Black Dome and Thomas Cole, you will enjoy seeing them from across the valley (impressive). Once you top Windham turn around a retrace your steps back to the trailhead. I highly recommend this hike. If you are trying to hike the Catskills Highest Hundred then you'll want to pick up Brunt Knob and Acra Point while you are on the Escarpment Trail. You can add both these peaks without increasing the mileage very much.

Sun Aug 31 2014

I did this trail after not hiking at all for about over two years. There are a lot of uphill climbs especially towards the top of the peak. It took a little longer than anticipated because we had to make many rest breaks. The views were good but minimal due to then being in three small outcroppings only. I would defiantly do this again when I'm more avidly hiking, it would be much more enjoyable I think.

mountain biking
Tue Sep 03 2013

These set of trails were excellent. They were the right mixture of uphill climbs and descents. All the trails intertwine so that you can go around several times and not do the same track twice.

Thu Aug 16 2012

Did this trail on an overcast day and the temp was around 70 so it was not particularly difficult at all. There are 2 or 3 look out points which were rather nice though paled in comparison to that of some of the other mountain hikes I've done in the catskills park. There was no challenging terrain or obstacles besides some of the rocks that were slippery from rain the previous night. Took my friend who does not hike regularly and she said it was the perfect workout.

Mon Jul 25 2011

What a workout! My legs felt like jelly after, but it was such a great experience! Nice intermittent stops to view below and catch a breath on the way up. Had a fantastic time!

Fri Apr 08 2011

don't be fooled by the name "high peak." the summit, if you can call it that, was just above 3500, totally closed in by trees, except for a few small outcroppings. there is a lot of altitude gained, but it's never very difficult. we picked a really bad day to hike, there was no view, because of clouds. i'm sure the view is lovely on a clear day. overall, i'd recommend it.

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