Cascade to Porter Mountain Trail

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Cascade to Porter Mountain Trail is a 5.7 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Lake Placid, New York that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from May until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

5.7 miles
2434 feet
Out & Back

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4,098 feet, Cascade Mountain (ADK #36 @ 4,098') and Porter (ADK #38 @ 4,059') are two of the easier high peak trails and very popular. The Cascade Trail can be steep st times with a few easy rock scrambles but it is not an overly tough trail. There is an excellent waterfall along the trail and amazing views at the summit. You can turn around and head back down or continue on to Porter for another High Peak. The trail to Porter is not as heavily traveled and offers some excellent woods. These two 46er's a good start for you list as they are right off Rt. 73. This 4,098' tall peak along with it's neighbor Porter at 4,084 are great starter peaks for aspiring 46ers as they are close to the road an a relatively easy climb, albeit steep. When you get to the junction and you are tired take the time to rest on Cascade and continue on to Porter as this is the easiest way to get both mountains.

5 minutes ago

Great trail, bad conditions. My husband and I completed this yesterday. We drove out three hours to complete it, and the light rain wouldn't stop so we attempted it anyway. Ny husband and I are moderately fit ( I run four miles a day/ my husband is military) and it took us three hours to summit cascade. It was virtually a stream the entire way up from the rain from the day before and yesterday. It was our first peak, and it was way more of a challenge then normal trail hiking. Be prepared for lots of rocks and the few parts where it is open faced rocks. Also bring lots of water I drank an 100 oz camelback on the way up and down and we passed people who were in sneakers and didn't have water, it is not that kind of trail !

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My Girlfriend and I did this trail on 5/21. We got to the trail head around 7:30ish in the morning. The parking by the trailhead was completely full. Be mindful of parking since this is one of the most hike trails in US (according to

The hike itself wasn't particularly grueling, but you should be in modest shape and have a decent amount of endurance.

At the top, the views were great. You can see the great range, porter and on a clear day, all the way over to Vermont (according to someone at the summit that hiked this area a bunch).

We encountered an ADK trail steward on the way, he hiked with us for a decent amount of the trip. He was very knowledgeable. It was as if we hired a guide. We learned so much about the mountain, versions conservation initiatives, and some other great hikes in the area to try.

4 days ago

easy to start! Beautiful view 360°!

4 days ago

Great hike for any season. Be prepared for wind and cold as you would for any of the taller peaks.

5 days ago

My wife and I got to the trailhead at 8:20 on Saturday and got the last official parking spot. We are moderately experienced hikers and in decent shape. It took us just over two hours to summit porter with only a few rests for water and to shed layers. It took 30 minutes to hike from the summit to the split in the trail to head to cascade. The summit of cascade has the best hiking views I have ever seen! It was very busy on the summit but that didn't detract much from the scenery we witnessed. Interestingly there were two geo discs on cascade and none on porter. On top of cascade we could see the ridiculously long line of cars parked down the road due to limited parking for this trail. NOTE: this is the busiest hiking trail I've ever seen. We were never alone for a minute and literally were either passing through groups or being passed by groups the whole time! When we signed out I had to flip back through 5 1/2 pages to find our name and I noticed many people were leaving without signing out so they probably didn't sign in either.

If you're going to hike this trail:
*get there before 8 am if you want a legit parking spot. People were parked for what looked like a half mile down the road when we left
*plan on LOTS of other people being on the trail and summits
*there are only two streams at the beginning of the trail so don't plan on water elsewhere
*there is a "toilet" at the split between cascade and porter, bring your own TP
*there were only two trail markers the whole time!! The trail is very obvious but note there were only two trail markers both up and down for both mountains so don't bank on following those, especially since one was 90% torn off (the summit is marked well with yellow paint, but the entire rest of the trail is not)
* I would recommend going to porter prior to cascade as it's views are not comparable to what you see on the latter
* we noted there many families with young kids completing this hike
* we had just hiked blue mountain north of Raquette Lake few weeks prior to this and felt that was more difficult than cascade and porter if that helps put it in perspective for anyone else who has hiked blue previously

5 days ago

Was my first set of high peaks! Awesome views!

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Nice trail, a little muddy still but worth the effort. If you plan on doing this go early as it is very busy.

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6 days ago

First High Peaks for my 8 and 6 year old. Hoped to get them up and down Cascade, but hike was easy enough we snuck in Porter as well. Great hike, incredible views from both - amazing panorama of so many high peaks.

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11 days ago

Great hike! More challenging than we expected but still very good. We only did Cascade. It was still a bit muddy but should be dry in a few weeks.

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