Cascade Lake Trail

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Cascade Lake Trail is a 5.7 mile loop trail located near Eagle Bay, New York that features a lake and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and bird watching and is best used from March until September. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Distance: 5.7 miles Elevation Gain: 429 feet Route Type: Loop

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3 months ago

Great trail, beautiful lake. However, the trail can be a bit confusing. After the first mile there are two choices. You can either go to the right which takes you to a nice waterfall then follow the trail to the the lake. Or, you can take the trail on the left which take you to the best part of the trail around the lake. My choice would be to go to the left, clockwise around the lake. if you do choose to go right and see the falls first you will continue to follow trail and avoid the marsh. Keep to the right! It may feel like you're moving away from the lake but you'll be seeing it soon and it's beautiful! Have fun!

3 months ago

Great trail to see the lake and the waterfall. we climbed above the waterfall and enjoyed the river and view from the top. we found great areas along the lake to relax and found that camping is allowed.

5 months ago


6 months ago

Headed out on 12/31 around 11am. As there was snow the trail was more labored. Pretty bridges and views of the lake. I would return to try it for the summer.

washed out
6 months ago

Hard to follow in places, but very pretty.

6 months ago

We had wanted to get to the north side of the lake w/o going around the loop. As stated- the far East side is practically impassible as we headed through the swampy area I fell in a 3 ft deep mud pit and my daughter lost a shoe in it. We came out and made our way around to the north side which was where we wanted to go. When you hit the t in the trail, it says trail to Queer Lake- take that left as the Queer lake turn off is another 1/4 mile on the left. Keeping going straight from there. From the lake to the parking lot it took about an hour taking that north loop. To go around the lake with the family (on accident) was about 4 hours and miserable. Lots of bugs - so bring a lot of bug spray

6 months ago

long! it was great bumpy brought our dog he loved it, the falls were pretty just a TON of mosquitos bring bug spray!!!! we missed the lake unfortunately, maybe next time. definitely a great work out!

recorded Cascade Lake Trail

7 months ago

We did not hike this trail. This is the distance we kayaked from golden beach to dock.

cross country skiing
11 months ago

beautiful trail, waterfall was cool, but not passable after the waterfall. trail on the northern side of the lake was a swamp. advise doing it as an out and back along the south side of the trail, turning around at the waterfall.

Wed Oct 03 2018

Took this trail in the rain during the fall. Some rocky trails to start but gets better. The first half of the trail/ loop around the lake had no look out points however the second half had several. Was a nice walk /hike through the woods took about 2 hours.

Thu May 31 2018

Hiked the trail today, was nice easy hike. Falls were very nice. However it’s not a loop trail anymore, after the falls at the east end of the lake I continued NW on the trail to circle back around and ran into an impassable swamp, trail vanished. Had to backtrack the way I came. Lots of animal scat on the trail too, watch your step :)

Sun Oct 22 2017

Nice easy hike. Waterfalls is very nice. Only a few muddy spots but no rain lately. The lake is beautiful and peaceful.

Sat Oct 14 2017

Nice hike. Waterfall at end of the lake was roaring. Nice tree colors and some mud but easy to get around.

Wed Sep 13 2017

The trail is an easy hike overall with only a few sections that have more gradual incline. Trail was well marked. The majority of the path was dry but did run into some muddy areas, which is to be expected, after a week with some rain. The mud was mostly able to be avoided by walking to the side. The waterfall was easy to find on the 2nd visit however the 1st visit to this trail a few years ago I actually managed to miss the waterfall probably due to a drier season and did not hear the obvious running of the waterfall that year. Also discovered an outhouse near the bigger opening on the hike that set back a ways which may be helpful for those that desire a bit more privacy.

Thu Aug 31 2017

I hiked the trail counter clockwise to see the falls first and the old camp site last. A nice trail, but very buggy. (When is a trail ever not buggy after rain in Aug?) Some repairs taking place after the falls and I had to follow the ribbon markers for a while. If i were to go again, I'd reverse direction and stay a while at the lake. 3 hrs to complete.

Mon Jul 03 2017

lots of mud made it tougher after the big rain which brought out the black flies. other than that the views were great!

Mon May 22 2017

Was a great trail, beautiful scenery and loved the waterfall. Trail was very muddy, a lot of spot we have to balance on logs placed by previous hikers. At mile 2 trail is diverted with no warning... trudged through the woods, they do have it marked some are very hard to see.

Sun Apr 23 2017

The waterfall was beautiful. Trail was wet in areas but not bad. Great views of the lake on the north side of the lake. An easy hike.

Sun Nov 20 2016

Easy hike, a lot of wet spots this time of year. Found some great spots to go camping in the future! Will be back again.

Thu Jul 21 2016

Mon Aug 24 2015

Did this trail in February. Very wet but a lot of fun.

Sun May 26 2013

A group of us hiked this a few years ago while geocaching. We found 2 of the 3 caches. Thanks to the mud, we were forced to walk WAY off the trail, missing the 3rd. It was a beautiful day and all of us enjoyed the hike. We went all the way around the lake.

Mon Apr 22 2013

We laughed as we read at trail head how everyone was getting lost....but several hours the dark we had to agree. The trail is not well marked. The falls were beautiful and the trail was great until we no longer found markers! We will go back again and try to find the real route out!

Wed Jun 27 2012

I have done this trail once, and never will again. We followed trail makers on a wild goose chase and ended up trudging through knee-deep mud. The falls were not pretty either. Not recommended.

Tue Oct 18 2011

have done both legs of this trail both are marvelous

2 months ago

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