Burroughs Range Trail

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Burroughs Range Trail is a 18.8 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Phoenicia, New York that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is best used from March until November. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

18.8 miles
7027 feet
Out & Back

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wild flowers

In this hike, you will traverse 3 peaks all above 3500ft. The views are the best around, you have to climb over ledges and the elevation gain over the entire rout is incredible. Once you get above 3000ft the air is thinner and you get into the Balsam/Spruce forest that are found farther North. The trail starts at Woodland Valley. The first 4 miles you gain about 200ft. Once you get on top of Wittenburg 3790ft you get views of the Ashokan Reservoir and High Point. From Wittenburg to Cornell is short compared to what you just did. From Cornell 3870ft you get views of Slide MT and the climb you are in for. The col between Cornell and Slide is long but great due to the Balsam/Spruce forest. The Climb up slide is short but brutal. You have to climb ledges and ladders on the ledges. On Slide 4180ft you get limited views. the better views are just off of slide summit. The final descent to your end point is on an old fire RD.

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1 month ago

Hoped to take the shortcut trail (Tonisgah) back to Woodland Valley Rd but the trail is NOT maintained or marked (despite it appearing as a viable option in the App so be aware if this is your plan. Trail head not marked and not so easy to see: located off the open clearing near a fire pit near Terrace Mt lean-to; walked a bit then turned back when overgrowth made it difficult to stay on trail. Maybe easier to do during colder less lush months. Perfect late august day for a hike: dry, sunny and cool a few days after a big storm. Lots of cool mushrooms. We were a little concerned about our small older dog with short legs, but she had no difficulty and loved it.

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5 months ago

Did this as a loop starting from woodland valley and camping in between Cornell and Slide. The hike was tough and strenuous, and lets just say that I was not prepared for the amount of snow and ice that I encountered. The climb up Wittenberg became extremely icy towards the summit, and made fairly simple climbing a challenge. Wittenebrg was definitely worth the effort however, with far and away the best views of the trip. Wittenberg to Cornell was simple, as the two mountains are pretty much extensions of each other. Cornell's summit was overgrown and had no views. The hike down Cornell was also fairly easy. The snow between Cornell and Slide was deep in sections, but the area was mainly flat. Made camp at one of the 6 primitive campsites and got ready for the next day. The first half of the approach up slide was steep with deep snow and some ice that took a long time to climb. Saw some people coming down and they told us it got worse towards the top. And it did. The rest of the way up was on thick, solid ice. At one point i found the stairs but they were encased in ice as well. Getting to the top was a relief and the views were OK, but not worth the effort in my opinion. The loop back to woodland valley was long and tedious, with one plain evil ascent right before the end. Overall it was still a fun hike, but if your just looking for the best views you can just climb up Wittenebrg and turn around.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

A rewarding trip that can be done as a day hike (9.5 mi) or as an overnight, adding Slide peak and doing it as a loop (16 mi).

From the Woodland Valley campground, the trail ascends over mixed terrain with a number of caves, crags, and boulders. It gets steeper over the last ¾ mi with some rocky sections and scrambles that challenge the quads. Spacious views of the Catskills and Ashokan Reservoir from the Wittenberg summit make it well worth it.

Continuing to Cornell, the trail drops into a valley, then ascends again through mostly wooded terrain to the more modest summit. Views are less expansive, but from several lookouts you can see your progress from Wittenberg's summit. Recommend continuing on to Slide peak if you have the time or plan to overnight.

If you do, the path first runs more or less flat along the ridge, then steepens for the ascent, with three harder cracks and scrambles that are easier done by climbing without a pack, then having a buddy pass it up. After that is a cool and clean creek just off the path before the top. A bald rock with a plaque commemorating John Burroughs (for which this section is named) marks the top, which also has great views facing east toward the reservoir. Several secluded areas off the trail are perfect places to pitch a tent for the night.

The descent is tricky, with loose rocks and poor poor drainage in wet conditions, and is pretty relentless. It levels then drops several times before meeting Rte. 47, which you can follow (or hitch) 2 mi to meet the trail again for the final 3 mi over rocky stairs to complete

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tough hike, but starting at the trailhead on Route 47 is easier than starting from Woodland Valley Campground. The DEC PA on Route 47 is about a 1000 feet higher than Woodland Valley. So, Slide is an easy climb but the hike really gets difficult, especially for someone with aging knees, on the far side of Slide going down. Steep descent. The climb up Cornell is pretty easy too but the descent is even steeper than the one on Slide. Views West from Cornell show an impressive view of Slide. Views from Wittenberg are probably the best on the trail, at least if you hike in the summer. The hike down Wittenberg to Woodland Valley is B-R-U-T-A-L. An actual dirt path on this 3+plus mile descent is a rare thing. Rock hopping for 3 miles will beat your feet like some sort of interrogation nightmare. I am writing this review about 6 hours after finishing my hike and I am still hobbling around. Still, a day on the trail is worth a thousand elsewhere! Enjoy....

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Did this joint in a disjointed fashion. Enjoyed feels good kind of thing. Encountered a nerd man skinwalker who was following me in a car wearing a cool alien t-shirt in and around Woodstock at an earlier date. We enjoyed a steely Dan cover band together despite our differences. He of course had a different face the first time I encountered him and was wearing cool bad dude shades upon our second meeting. I think he works for "the company" tripped out and this lady whispered my name as I fell asleep at the Wittenberg summit. Don't worry no fire. Jim Morrison.