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Photos of Avalanche Lake

Distance: 10.2 miles Elevation Gain: 1,299 feet Route Type: Out & Back




nature trips






13 hours ago

This was a cool hike. There is a gradual elevation from Adirondack Loj to the split to Mt Marcy trail and the lake (barely anything). There are many places to stop and camp, as well as use “toilets”,after the dam, but fires are not permitted. I also think you need to register at the Loj. Once you start up to Avalanche Lake, you start to gain elevation. Pretty steep in some spots, not very many switchbacks. You will need your snow shoes at this time of year (you need to take snow shoes regardless, but if the snow is deep enough and you aren’t wearing them, you will get a scolding from a ranger, or even a fine). When you get to the lake, you can choose to walk out into the lake. I heard it was a great point of view. We just opted to sit on the edge and eat lunch. We did the up an back route, which by the time you get back to Marcy Dam, you wish the hike was over, but you still have another 2 miles until you get back to the parking lot. Give yourself plenty of time during the winter months so you don’t find yourself out in the dark. It took a group of 4, with two people above 60 years old, 7.5 hours (four up, 30 mins for lunch, 3 back, with stops to layer-down and bathroom breaks). We also had great weather (35 degrees F, no precipitation and no wind!). All in all, I agree with the moderate rating. I put that you need a fee, because there is a fee to park at the Loj ($12 per car per day). You can rent equipment here as well.