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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Tried to get up south peak from Bart's trail,... Once on Cole's road, the road was blocked by what looked like a disgruntled resident, so as opposed to 'trespassing,' I drove back down to the south crest trailhead just off exit 175 in Tijeras. The first five miles were lovely just after sunrise around 6 am. Mile 5.25 revealed a very overgrown trail. The alltrails app shows this hike as a 5.5 mile RT hike, which may be true if you do just the loop with the upper faulty trail, however, if you plan to ascend the summit from this side, the hike becomes significantly longer. I unfortunately went north at the embudito trail turn off,... I realized my mistake that I was continuing on the south crest trail but wanted to ascend the South Peak. I turned back after a half mile and then headed northwest along the embudito trail. This is where it gets a little tricky. About .3 miles or so, the trail has an immediate take off to the north and this entrance is overgrown. I suggest pulling up your alltrails app and clicking 'record,'... this will show you on gps your exact location in relation to this take off so as to not get lost. You need to use the trail entitled South Sandia Peak via Bart's trail however to see this route to South Peak. Once atop, the views are wonderful and worth all the effort. My RT with my excursion to the north along the south crest trail put me at about 14.5 miles with about a mile of that in excess as I missed the turn off. The elevation gain was 3400 feet and top elevation was 9785 ft. I used a garmin 235 which utilizes both gps and glonas systems to coordinate location. Anyway, enjoy and happy trails! Pictures posted on South Crest Trail via Tijeras as a separate trail on alltrails.