5.0 miles
551 feet

dogs on leash

mountain biking

19 days ago

Nice, peaceful and mellow hike with rolling hills. Not very rocky (except in a few areas).

You can save yourself 10 minutes driving and get on the trails quicker (if you’re coming from I-40) by parking at Pine Flat and taking the Pine Flat Connector to the loop. Total length about 5.5 miles, and a slight addition in climb (though it’s gradual).

Another advantage of doing it this way is that the substantial climb (about .6 miles from Pokerchip onto Mahogany) is in the middle of the hike, instead of at the end, as it is if you start at Oak Flat.

There are a lot of intersections and I had to pull my phone out to wayfind a lot the first time. From Pine Flat, to go clockwise, just remember it’s all right turns EXCEPT at Gambel Oak (meeting the loop), Caida Del Pino, Pine Loop, and Pine Flat Connector (heading back to the car).