8.0 miles
3900 feet
Out & Back

dogs on leash


trail running





washed out

2 months ago

So this ski season is non existent but that means most of the trails we love during the summer are still accessible(-ish). This trail beats you up. It is the first trailhead as you head up to TSV. Pullouts for parking are adequate.

As of this writing (Feb. 4 2018) the first 1.5 miles are well packed and great. With the warm weather I would be cautious of the multiple stream crossings as the trail zig-zags across until you hit the major ascent at about 2 miles. They are currently firm and frozen but on my descent later in the afternoon they made some not so reassuring noises as my dog and I crossed.

At about 2 miles in I was making my own tracks (well following my dogs) but the trail was fairly obvious and if you pay attention you shouldn’t lose it.

At 2 miles(-ish) in the climb really starts. Given that it is Super Bowl Sunday I had to turn around at 2.5 miles in (not gonna miss kickoff), so I can’t comment beyond that. Hope the update helps in case anyone wants a great workout during this soul crushing ski season.

Please note the distances are approximate but relatively accurate. Also, I would discourage anyone who is not acclimated to this altitude and in good shape from attempting this hike beyond 1.5 miles in.