2.7 miles
173 feet

dogs on leash

kid friendly



historic site

1 month ago

The trail is pretty much non existent once you get to the rock face, but if you can scramble along the face you'll be rewarded with 100s of petroglyphs. Scrambling isn't an exaggeration, as the rocks are large and cover certain parts the hike completely, but you have to come back that way, you can either head down the little mountain to the fence line or up on the ridge and come down one of the horse trails. Ionly went about a mile around the rock face because the dog and I were getting hot, and then went on top of the ridge to hike back. There isn't much shade. The petroglyphs were pretty awesome though, with a few speckled here and there, then huge walls of tons images. It was really neat to see so many. A lady told me some are as old as 100 AD and some are newer from the conquistadors and pilgrims.