1.9 miles
232 feet
Out & Back

dogs on leash

kid friendly


trail running



4 months ago

This was a very easy hike that my mom (70), Dad (67), myself (34), my wife (32, and two daughters (8 and 5) accomplished pretty easily. I even wore our two year old on my back. Do note that there really is intended to be a down and back trail which I failed to notice in the description. If you did that it would be 3.8 Miles. We parked a car at Winchester drive but there isn’t a real great area to park besides the side of the street outside of people’s houses. Also, there isn’t much of a trail or a marker that indicates Winchester once you are there. The main trail is actually about 50 feet below Winchester which you can’t really see from the trail. The only reason I knew I was there was the GPS. We hiked up from the trail to Winchester pretty easily even though there was no trail. The beginning of the trail to Winchester is 1.2 Miles actually. It took about 30 minutes.