Photos of FMSP - Hitt Canyon Loop Trail (CONTROLLED ENTRY)

4.5 miles
488 feet

dog friendly


horseback riding

mountain biking

Friday, May 27, 2016

We did this trail on June 2015. We started at the trail to the Antony Cave near the Ohara Rd. We went down the mountain close to the cave and took the arroyo to the left until we reached the Hitt Canyon Loop. We hiked all the loop but instead to completed at the arroyo, we returned by the Northern Pass. The Hitt Canyon Loop is an easy trail that does not take you to much time to complete it. That is why we included it in the total of 9.6 miles trail we did. Hiking by the arroyo is a very pleasurable experience, more sand than rocks, not difficult to hike, nice view of the canyon and the mountains. The Northern Pass is a well maintained trail that we like to hike. This area at the north end of the mountain range, is beautiful, we have been here several times. These arroyos, canyons and mountains are very enjoyable places we love to visit.