Photos of Cerro Blanco Trail

5.4 miles
1,253 feet
Out & Back

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Sunday, January 14, 2018

This is a nice short trail that takes you to the crest trail number 170. The difficulty of this trail system is not bad. It begins rather easy and quickly changes over to a steep grade that last for about a half mile. After the steep grade the trail continues to gain elevation mildly. Once you hit the crest trail it is either north or south from there. A short hike north offers great views of Valencia and Torreon county. From this point there are several options you can do such as continue north to the fourth of July trail and make it a loop trail. You can continue hiking north on the crest trail where you will meet a fence that has a gate to open and from this point a little farther north opens up to awesome views of Bernalillo county.

I have also backpacked to the top and have camped off the crest trail close to the point of where Cerro Blanco and the crest trail meet. You have an opportunity to see amazing sunsets and lots of wildlife. The major con is the lack of water, I had to hike up lots of water to have for drinking and meal preparations, needless to say I do this just as an overnight.