4.3 miles
1,079 feet
Out & Back

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6 months ago

I only gave this hike a 3 due to the difficulty in getting to the trailhead and the lack of signage. It does have an excellent 360 degree views including; the Rio Grande, White Rock, Los Alamos. Due to the time it takes to get to this trailhead from Santa Fe 1 hr 20 min! I would suggest other hikes if you have limited time in Santa Fe. If you have more time, then this is worth it.

Be advised!!! The last ten miles driving to the trailhead (more on that later) is over a washboard road. Due to the washboard, driving more than 20 mph will be extremely bumpy.

Trailhead: other posts on Alltrails have links but I thought I would describe it for you here. We drove all the way to the end of the dirt road (literally, the road ends right at the Rio Grande). The Alltrails directions do not take you to this point so keep driving down the dirt road following it until you hit the Rio Grande. There will be a small bathroom building on your left as well as an enclosed large building where they pump water from the Rio Grande. On your right will be a teal colored pipe fence line and you need to crawl through that fence about 50' back from the Rio Grande and you will see a small trail heading ENE. Follow that trail and you will come to a large arroyo. Turn right and take the arroyo away from the Rio Grande. There are zero signs for the trail so keep a lookout for the two cairns situated on the left side of the trail as this denotes the entrance to the small trail heading up. Also, there is a small pine tree just to the right of the trail and it has an orange ribbon tied to it.

The hike is a good one and is a good workout. There is a flat mesa at the top that you will cross as you head towards the next peak and where you will get the best views!