9.9 miles
2,375 feet

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wild flowers

11 months ago

I must confess that I think I would have enjoyed this hike a little more if a) I hit it when the leaves were turning or b) I'd done a little more research. A previous hiker mentioned and posted pics of a B-17 crash site and former homestead. I didn't do the research on specifics before I got there and it wasn't obvious or readily posted where they were at. I checked when I returned and both are near Bosque Peak. You have to look a little bit to locate some old threads about their location. That being said, there were some nice views along the crest (miles 3-6). I ran the loop counterclockwise and would recommend that. You get your big ascent done and can enjoy a slow descent. One other aspect of the trail I didn't enjoy was that the last 2 miles were along a road. Again, I didn't put in the research. If you get to the crash site and old homestead that would probably bump this to a 4 for me. All, in all though--this is an investment of time to get here of about 1:15 each way from ABQ; I'm not sure I'd head out here again unless I could get some fall leaves or spring wildflowers.