Photos of Manaticut Point and Overlook Rock Trail

7.4 miles
1,092 feet

dog friendly


nature trips

bird watching



wild flowers


27 days ago

Nice hike with several nice vlewpoints and lots of steep ups and downs.
1. Proceed into the woods on Yellow Black (Yellow Blaze with Black center) trail to the intersection with the Yellow trail.
2. Take the right fork of the Yellow trail. Cross the Orange/Orange Yellow trail and continue northwest to Lake Sonoma.
3. Continue past Lake Sonoma on Yellow trail, which will eventually meet the White.
4. Take the Yellow/White to the left to Overlook Rock. Good spot for an early lunch.
5. After lunch, take the Yellow/White back to intersection and take the White to the left.
6. Follow the White downhill through a wet area before heading back uphill.
7. At the top of the hill, you will come to a large powerline cut and the intersection with the Blue blazed Hewitt Butler trail. Continue on the White.
8. Carefully follow the White and Blue trails through the power cut. There are many trails here and it can be confusing. At points, the trail goes in the woods before returning to the cut and reentering the woods on the other side. If you can wait, there is a nice overlook to the west that would make a good lunch spot.
9. Continue on the White and Blue trails as it goes up and down, with some nice climbs along the way.
10. Eventually you will meet the Yellow/White trail. Continue what is now the Blue/Yellow trail.
11. You will pass a small lake on private property. Continue on Blue/Yellow to Manaticut Point.
12. Head downhill. The Blue and Yellow will split. Continue on the Yellow.
13. Take the Yellow back to the Yellow Black trail, and back to the car.