Hemlock Falls Trail via Lenape (Yellow) Trail, Rahway Trail (White) and River Trail

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South Mountain Reservation

Hemlock Falls Trail via Lenape (Yellow) Trail, Rahway Trail (White) and River Trail is a 5.6 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near Millburn, New Jersey that features a waterfall and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Distance: 5.6 miles Elevation Gain: 751 feet Route Type: Loop

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NOTE: As of April 2020, parking areas to the trailhead are closed due to concerns with COVID-19. Beautiful hike with some rough terrain. A good amount of inclines. Rocky trails. Really nice stretch along a ridge. Great hike to a small waterfall.

14 minutes ago

Very crowded. No one wearing masks.

Trail was hard to follow at times. Very easy to get lost. Recording shows more miles than the hike itself and we only completed half of it.

The trail was a little confusing because the map didn’t match the actually path a some point and we had to find our own way

5 days ago

A great trail although very very muddy in parts. It’s possible my friend and I veered off course but our mileage came out to around 7.3 for the whole loop instead of 5.6. If you start on the white trail be prepared for lots of families there to check out the fairy houses (worth checking out for non families as well).

6 days ago

The trail was nice, but easy to get lost or turned around pretty easy. Make sure you have a map with you and follow the trail markers as much as possible. We made it to the falls and it was very nice.

Had fun with my group, some trail was in marked, took us a while to get to the fall because of it, but was worth it. It was def. muddy , after all day rain the day before. Over all good experience, would go again.

Aptly moderate hike. Didn’t get to the falls so not sure where I missed a turn. Couldn’t locate markings at points and veered off trail completely, requiring me to scale a steep incline back up to find a blazed trail. Overall, a great 2 hours, and very quiet for most of it, as I ended with the fairy woods, rather than starting there.

11 days ago

Great place to hike, coming from a beginner hiker. My 5 year old was able to keep up as well. With this app it made it easy to find the hemlock water fall. Cons - Unfortunately people seem to throw trash everywhere. Found a couple face mask, dog crap inside plastic bags, a cup full of piss.

13 days ago

Nice trail with water falls . What more to ask. Moderate in terms of challenge

This trail is fun however BRING A FACE COVERING. The amount of families and young people who did not have any type of covering was disgusting and the amount of people who didn’t have a face covering and decided not to give me or others 6ft of space. I love that people are hiking now and getting exercise but YIKES.

off trail
14 days ago

This trail was pretty good and way more challenging than I expected.i don’t think I entered the trail the right way... when I started I hiked about 1 hour all uphill on a completely unmarked trail that was hard to follow and empty... the only reason I knew where to go is because it had big rocks on the side of the trail but it was very difficult to navigate...when I checked the app it said I was at 1600 feet elevation! Then I kept walking and the trail started going downhill and I was confused because still no waterfall... so I kept following that strange rock lined trail until there were no rocks left anymore and I thought I was lost... I was just walking a pathway that kept getting narrower and super muddy then to my relief it led me to a main trail where I started seeing other humans. I met another hiker that was also looking for the waterfall and it was about 1.5 hours away at this point so I walked with her and found it! A little disappointing I think it dried out because there wasn’t a lot of water but it was nice. Then walking back I had to do all that downhill back up it was brutal but I’m glad I got some exercise. Overall it was an ok trail I don’t recommend going alone because it’s difficult to navigate and unmarked and a lot of openings that look like trails but lead to wild brush.. I was a little scared when I was alone I’m not going to lie.... but it was cute I saw a lot of chipmunks, some red cardinals, blue jays, and minnows (I just love seeing any type of wild life).The waterfall and river were pretty. I like that it was only 20 mins away from me too. Now that I am familiar with it I would probably go back when I’m in the mood for a hike and I don’t feel like driving too far.

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