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Grand Parade Loop is a 2.3 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Morristown, New Jersey that features beautiful wild flowers and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Horses are also able to use this trail.

Distance: 2.3 miles Elevation Gain: 209 feet Route Type: Loop

kid friendly

cross country skiing


horseback riding

nature trips



bird watching




wild flowers


no dogs

Starts at the Vistor Center where you see a reconstruction of the soldiers' cabins and watch a 15 minute video on the history of the Park. This trail can connect with several other trails. Goes to the Grand Parade Ground and past some remains of solider huts plus some reconstructions. Well maintained trail, easy and non-technical. Lots of ups and downs on the undulating hills.

3 months ago

Nice seeing a couple historic places but I thought the trail overall was boring. Be good to bring a dog or kids to

Sun Apr 07 2019

See "rj c." comments from Oct 2016. The AllTrails layer is still in error and corresponds closest to the Grand Loop but not the "Grand Parade Loop" which is inside the Grand Loop and much shorter. I uploaded a photo of the parks trail map. Most of the layer is no longer corresponds to a marked. The Grand Loop was well marked. Muddy in the areas near Tempe Wick Rd.

Sun Sep 30 2018

Park in small lot for Jockey Hollow This is an easy hike which you can make as difficult as you want by going uphill from Farm. not sure what is up there. There was no wind so it was going to get hot there in afternoon. This is a great hike to start out your day to see some forest. The more history you know the more fun this hike is. Virtual Treadmill video of this hike can be seen on my YouTube Channel, copy and paste link below to watch it. Thanks.

Sun Sep 02 2018

Jockey Hollow, New Jersey Fun adventure. Started at the parking lot across from the soldier huts. ***The trail leads behind the soldier huts and does fork. Make sure you take a right to stay on track. If you go after a rainy day there are parts that can be muddy in spots so hiking boots would be ideal. The trail does loop close to the Wick House so stop by to take a look and visit the garden. Good fun for me and my 6 and 10 year olds who wore sneakers.

Fri Jun 22 2018

DOGS ARE WELCOME HERE! Great hikes at JH. Lots of fun trails through the woods.

Sat Jan 27 2018

Great trail. Clear and well maintained. Good mix of ascents, descents and flats. Several opportunities to take cross trails to shorten the loop if needed. As well as extend your trek.

Mon Jul 03 2017

Trail gets you up and down while walking through shaded areas. Despite yesterday's rain showers there was barely any muddy spot.

Tue Oct 11 2016

PLEASE NOTE: This webpage you are on now STILL HAS AN ERROR in the TRAIL NAME as shown ON THE MAP itself in the upper right corner when viewing the ALLTRAILS layer. To see how the trail should be labeled, look at the SATELLITE layer, which is correct. Specifically, if you look at the map in ALLTRAILS layer view, the trail is INCORRECTLY labeled as "GRAND PARADE TRAIL". If you look at the SATELLITE layer view, the trail is CORRECTLY labeled as "GRAND LOOP TRAIL" as you can see by looking at the annotated map in the photo I uploaded here: The "GRAND PARADE TRAIL" is a completely different trail than the "GRAND LOOP TRAIL". And it is different than the GRAND PARADE RD and the GRAND PARADE FIELD. The picture uploaded per link above explains everything.

Tue Oct 04 2016

The trails at JH are amazing. Perfect proximity to shopping, freeways, parking, it also has a great overlook loop with some historical buildings. Wide and graveled mostly, easy to walk with a group or the family. Enjoy it! Wish they let mountain biking in JH, at least designated paths maybe.

Mon Aug 29 2016

Beautiful scenery, great history and information, and a nice easy enjoyable hike. It's a good way to do 5 to 10 miles depending on which trails you take and how many you do in a day, but it's not a very difficult hike if that's what you're looking for.

Mon Aug 15 2016

We hiked the Grand Loop, which ended up being a slightly different track from this one. It is very well marked with maps and signs at the trail intersections. It was a hot day but most of the trail has decent shade. The Grand Loop has a couple climbs on it. The trail is fairly wide and was not crowded at all. We heard the occasional plane overhead and a car or two when near roads but otherwise it was very quiet. The NPS has a nice map of the trails.

Mon Aug 08 2016

great views. lots of ups and downs. definitely worth it

Thu Jun 16 2016

Ran the Grand Loop. Exactly what I was looking for. I live in GA and enjoy some hills, roots and rocks. This trail did not disappoint. Saw plenty of deer and felt miles away from busy NJ. If I lived close I would run this trail often.

Sat May 28 2016

If you take the Grand Loop it's not flat at all. There's a nice climb to it. Even had my dog putting in more effort than I though she would have to. We didn't get to finish it though. She wanted to turn around half way and go down another trail we crossed paths with previously. Also, be careful of snakes. She spotted one right next to the trail we were walking.

Thu May 26 2016

Once away from the fields and fair area, the trail was quiet nice. Fairly flat, easy walk, but just long enough to make me tired and hungry.

Mon Feb 29 2016

Nice trail to walk/hike through and enjoy the fresh air and outdoors. Pretty cool history behind it as well. I will be back in the spring to see everything blooming!

Tue Dec 29 2015

This is one of my favorite "hikes". I say "hikes" because it is more of a nature walk. I love this park and especially this trail; the stream crossings are fun and the trail is short and easy. My mom took me here as a kid and I loved it - I continue to go about once a week to this day when I am in the area. The history aspect of the park is what sets it apart; Be sure to check out the Wick house and the soldier huts. Of all the places I hike, this park has the most well-maintained and well-marked trails.

Sun Nov 01 2015

Nice trail system. Had a good workout walking the trail with our dog. And you get a history lesson on the revolutionary war.

Fri Aug 08 2014

My friend and I did the white trail and it was tough and very hilly at times. Many creeks and wildlife and was a great time.

Sun Feb 23 2014

Not a bad trail. Went in the winter when it was snow covered with about 2 feet of snow. Nice little creeks all around but mostly woods. Not much to see in the winter. Took a little over an hour and a half in the snow.

Tue Jan 01 2013

Nice secluded trail that can be very muddy at times.

Fri Jun 08 2012

Very easy walk on the wood which overlooks the swamps. Take your time to check out the birds and other water wild life. Good for kids or those who want something short and easy. Pretty area.

Sun Dec 11 2011

it's an easy walk through the woods on wooden bridges. Almost the entire trail is on wood. It's great if you're taking small children, elderly or handicaped, but I found it a bit weak. It wasn't challenging or exciting, most of the trail was swampy woods with nothing more than squirels, and they had these "wilderness blinds" with 6" high slits to look out of, but I"m 6'-2" and they were too low so I had to squad. Don't think I'll be doing this one again.

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