White Dot Trail to Mount Monadock

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White Dot Trail to Mount Monadock is a 3.8 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near Jaffrey, New Hampshire that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round.

3.8 miles
1771 feet



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A very popular steep scramble up a very nice peak in Southern New Hampshire with great views from its bald summit. Mt Monadnock is reputed to be one of the most hiked mountains in the world with over 125,000 people climbing it every year. The trails are very steep in places and rocky. It can easily be done in a half day. Older kids will have a ton of fun rock hopping their way to the summit on the steep trail. This is a very popular climb just north of very populated cities so you probably won't be alone on the trail. $5 parking

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Mount Monadnock is my favorite mountain! I'm biased because I grew up here and this was the first I hiked, but the view from up top is amazing. I've even gone up on a cloudy day just for the hike because I love it so much! Parts of this trail are tricky so take your time and I recommend taking the white cross trail down to keep from twisting ankles.

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I have only ever hiked pack, this was a challenging hike for me. I am not an avid hiker and not in the best shape. I did make it to the top as did all my children and my husband. I think it was a good first hike and look forward to doing many more.

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This is a nice short hike that seems to rate harder than it actually is. Nice views from the top of this trail that experiences heavy use.

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This was a great hike that was accessible to hikers of any level. Above the tree line offered a lot of opportunity for free climbing if you're looking to do a little bouldering as well.

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Great trail for a beginner who's planning on longer more challenging hikes. Went up and down the white dot with about a 20 pound pack. It does get quite challenging about .5 miles into the trail with a steady steep climb in front of you. Once your about 3/5 of the way up it does level off for a quick break for your legs and to catch your breath! Then it's back to scrambling up rocks with about 500 yards of large smooth rock for a sprint for the summit. Views are great people are great always encouraging to hear that your almost there. I like to jog down any mountain almost as a more natural parkour and it was extremely fun sliding and hopping down, but not recommended for any beginner. Do this hike it is rewarding. Not 5 because I do not like to pay to park to hike but it is what it is and I know it goes to maintenance. Sub 3 hrs if you go hard, but not for everyone I'm currently only 6 summits away from my nh 48 patch start with this hike every year to get myself back into hiking shape!
Get out enjoy the beauty of mt hiking and be safe and have fun

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Done this trail multiple times in winter and summer! Fun and challenging year round!!

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Wow! Challenging trail, took white dot on the way up and white cross on the way down. Views at the top were gorgeous despite it being cloudy!