Tuckerman Ravine Trail to Mount Washington

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Tuckerman Ravine Trail to Mount Washington is a 7.9 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near Gorham, New Hampshire that features a waterfall and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

7.9 miles
4186 feet

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Classic glacial bowl, sweeping 2000 foot cliffs, skiers Trail has a very consistent steady rise and is nice and wide. This is a highly traveled trail year round. Thousands of skiers descend on the ravine each spring to catch the last of the snow and to party. Mount Washington can be a dangerous place simply because the weather can change in a minute and the heights are so accessible. Over 125 people have died on Mount Washington because they have not been properly prepared or not properly cautious. There is a list at the cabin describing each name, date and cause of death. Some people hike up with their sleds and slide down the ski trail. The trail follows a brook and water is available if you have a filter. There is a lovely waterfall near the start of the trail. There is a cabin and outhouse at the top. They are not heated.

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This is a hard trail for a beginner but you will enjoy it when you are at the top.
Good luck.

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It has been years, but my legs still burn when I think about the climb. The views are incredible, from the waterfall to the vistas. The crowds are a bit much. It can be windy, rainy, snowing or icy at a moments notice. Be prepared and be careful because this is a dangerous and real mountain. It reminded me more of a fourteen thousand footer.

6 months ago

We did this Wednesday Oct 19. Perfect weather and trail conditions were pretty good too! Detour on Tucks trail before Hermit lake shelters still in effect.
Went up Tucks to summit and down Lion Head trail. Top was blowing sustained 58 mph visibility 1/16 mile. Temp 19 w/wind chill. Auto road and cog still running at that time.
Overall amazing and physically demanding hike! Legs are sore today!

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6 months ago

I absolutely loved this hike...though challenging it was invigorating. there is a detour. which is quite beautiful. Be sure you are prepared for any weather as we went up in on a cold morning as we knew it would be...however the sky was as blue as could be. when we reached the peak I went into the restroom came out and was in complete cloud cover...as thick as pea soup and had to rely on the cairnes to descend.....it was without a doubt the best hike ever...

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6 months ago

Absolutely perfect cloudless day! Trail was detoured early onto a less than desirable path that "disappeared" Cross country along a nice river back onto main trail. Shelter snack, on to the cabins/pond and up the face. Periodic breathers to preserve the knee. Face is like steep stairs that go and go and go and... One rock tower at a time to the summit. Outstanding views the whole way!

6 months ago

I hiked this with my parents, who aren't as avid hikers as they were when they were younger (living in KY). They were able to hike this one-way trail (base to summit) in about 8 hours -- pretty good, if you ask me! Coming from CO, the elevation and length is what I've done before on 14ers and other difficult trails. However, hiking at sea level made it much easier for me.

Overall, we had great weather and a storm was rolling in right as we got in a van to go back down to the base.

6 months ago

Stayed at Hermit Lake 2 nights and summited in between. love the new detour to Hermit Lake from Pinkham Notch. goes through some lovely magical land that is usually bypassed by the thousands on the main trail. Worth the little extra work. Misty and beautiful.

6 months ago

September 29th.
Perfect weather.
3 hrs up.

6 months ago

Forgot how steep this trail was- great workout with beautiful views at the top! A must do , if you're in shape!

6 months ago

it's hard, but is worthy step by step.

7 months ago

7 months ago

Rocky af. They're fixing a bridge along the trail so you have to take a detour near the beginning of the trail, not sure if it added any mileage or time, but I assume it did! This is one of those trails where just when you think it can't be any rockier or steeper, you come over a ridge and realize that it actually can. It's challenging, but rewarding for sure. Did this trail up to the summit today, and while it was windy and chilly still, it was clear and sunny and gorgeous. As someone who was getting over being sick and basically being in bed for two weeks straight - take your time, pace yourself, and take breaks when you need them. I did this solo- even though there are some treacherous parts, because it's a popular trail there are always friendly fellow hikers and some adorable dogs right around the corner. Everything is pretty well-marked as well. Definitely difficult but most certainly worth it!

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7 months ago