Tuckerman Ravine Trail to Mount Washington

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Tuckerman Ravine Trail to Mount Washington is a 7.9 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near Gorham, New Hampshire that features a waterfall and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

7.9 miles
4186 feet

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The trail has a very consistent steady rise and is nice and wide. This is a highly traveled trail year round. Thousands of skiers descend on the ravine each spring to catch the last of the snow and to party. Mount Washington can be a dangerous place simply because the weather can change in a minute and the heights are so accessible. Over 125 people have died on Mount Washington because they have not been properly prepared or not properly cautious. There is a list at the cabin describing each name, date and cause of death. The trail follows a brook and water is available if you have a filter. There is a lovely waterfall near the start of the trail. There is a cabin and outhouse at the top. They are not heated.

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The foliage was at its peak and temps were very comfortable to start with. On the way up Tuckermans Ravine the temps dropped steadily, with wind gusts and sheets of fog. When I started to get wet and cold.I put on a wool jersey, cycling windbreaker, gloves, and wool hat and instantly felt better. I had a down jacket and a couple of space blankets just in case! I stayed at the summit lodge just long enough to take a picture and refill my water bottle. As I progressed down Lionhead trail it got warmer and off came the layers. I wouldn't recommend descending Tuckermans because there is nothing to grab on the way down, and the boulders are huge. Also, wool clothing is the best! The entire hike took just over 4 hours starting from Pinkham Lodge, under ideal conditions and no rest breaks, but this isn't typical so allow yourself more time. The views were amazing!

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Three Men and a Mountain:
Mt. Washington in New Hampshire is the highest peak in the Northeastern United States, with notoriously unpredictable weather up top. At 6288 feet elevation it doesn't seem that formidable, but being in the path of various storm tracks the temperature at the summit can plummet in a few hours. Snow squalls have occurred even during the summer months and it has recorded some of the highest wind speeds on the planet. With an exposed ridge above the tree line, there is constant fear of being blown off course by powerful winds. So a hike to the summit can easily turn deadly if not timed well. And yet it is one of the most visited peaks, thanks to an auto-road and a cog-rail which go all the way to the top.
Since my brother had climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro earlier this year and could not join me, I asked a few of my friends about hiking to the summit of Mt. Washington. Eventually two of them would make the trip with me. We picked late-July/early-August for the hike as it posed the least probability of bad weather. We planned to drive to White Mountains region in New Hampshire and hike the next day, keeping an extra day as rain-date. In preparation for the big hike, we all did some short hikes in our local area but it didn't fully prepare us for what was to come.
We left on a sunny Saturday morning, arriving in Gorham, New Hampshire after 8-9 hours of driving through some scenic roads. We checked into our hotel and decided to pay a quick visit to the trailhead which is near Pinkham Notch Visitor Center. At the visitor center we talked to a ranger about our hiking plans for the next day. The ranger recommended us to climb up by Tuckerman Ravine trail but hike down via Lion Head trail, the reason being that Lion Head trail has more trees to hold on to while coming down. With a steep gradient to hike, it seemed like a good advice at that time.
The weather forecast for the next day was cloudy with a chance of afternoon showers, so we had to make an early start. We loaded up on carbs at a local restaurant and made a quick stop to get some supplies for our hike, before heading back to our hotel. We made sure our backpacks were packed before calling it a day. After a snoring fest through the night when we each tried to outdo the others, we woke up at 4:30 AM the next morning and quickly got ready for the hike. It took us a short twenty minutes’ drive before we reached the trailhead by 6 AM. There was enough sunlight through the cloud cover so we didn't need to carry headlamps, but we did carry rain-gear in case of rain.
Soon we were on the Tuckerman Ravine trail which in a short 4.2 miles would take us over 4250 feet of elevation gain. The trail was wide and clearly identifiable. But it was all rocks so it made it tough on our feet. We took a few minutes break at regular intervals as we adjusted to each other’s hiking speed. The first couple of miles was a steady climb, crossing streams over wooden bridges, until we reached Hermit Lake shelter in little over an hour.
Some hikers were heading down and we asked them about their hike. They had tried to summit during the night but it got so cold that they had to spend the night at the shelter before turning back. They were definitely not dressed adequately which is a common mistake many hikers make when they start off on a sunny day. We took a long pit stop as we contemplated our hike ahead. Up ahead we could see the sheer walls of Tuckerman Ravine with no clear way to climb. Another hiker pointed us to the route through some trees and we resumed our hike.
Hermit Lake is a small alpine lake at the bottom of the ravine where we took some pictures. The trail got steeper and very soon we found ourselves above the tree line. By now we were catching our breath after every few steps due to the steep incline. But this was not the hardest section of the hike as we later found out. It took us a couple of hours to climb up the ravine. Somehow my impression was that once we climb to the ridge line it would be a gentle hike to the top from that point on. But on the ridge we were confronted with a huge field of boulders that we had to climb over. We put away our hiking sticks and at times were on all fours as we scrambled over the boulders. The youngest in our group fared better as he pulled ahead and showed the way. After another mile and 1000 feet of elevation gain we made it to the top, in under 4.5 hours.
Up at the top there was no great sense of accomplishment as we soon found ourselves amidst a horde of tourists who had either driven or taken the cog train. We spent plenty of time taking pictures as we rested for the return hike. Clouds would roll in at regular intervals and the threat of rain was always there. Fortunately the cloud cover had worked to our advantage, as hiking above the tree line under direct sun would have made the hike more exhausting. Also, we didn't get the dreaded winds that are so common on the ridge. After a couple of hours of en

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We found it difficult but rewarding. I got to the summit late in the day and took the shuttle back to the trail head $26 pp

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Easy walk till the Hermit shelter, and then extremely challenging from there to the top ! Super fun, really enjoyed the trek. Do not carry very heavy baggage. Carry adequate water, though there is a hand pump where a lot of people refilled their bottles. The view from the peak is worth the effort. We completed the trek in 4hrs, 15 mins.

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First mile and half is fairly easy. once past the halfway stop, the trail becomes very rocky going up steeply. The trail mostly becomes a small boulder field for approx. 2 miles to the summit, which includes a small walk to the High point of NH. It was strenous. and i occasionally used my hands. The trail is rated "Class 1- strenuous" by Don Holmes U.S State Highpoints.

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Great hike!! Great views. Beautiful scenery, and well maintained trails! Went up Lionshead and down Tuckermans Ravine. 3 1/4 hrs up and 2 3/4 down. With a couple 10 minute breaks each way. Crowded up top but I was pretty stoked for a hot dog and Powerade!!

22 days ago

We went up Lionshead then came down Tuckermans Ravine. Really great hike. Lionshead has better views but Tuckermans is more serene. total time 10hrs

22 days ago

Hiked this 2 years in a row now! Excellent hike. Difficult hike!