Photos of Sugarloaf Mountain Trail

4.4 miles
2,168 feet
Out & Back


nature trips



5 months ago

To get to this trailhead one must drive about 20 minutes down the dirt road (which is closed December through May by the way) and the trailhead is just past the second bridge. An open grassy area to the right before the bridge offers an easy place to park close by, or there’s an opportunity or two to simply park on the side of the road on the other side of the bridge. Look for yellow markers, but there’s also a clear sign indicating the start of the trail. Walk up the hill and past the camp there, and the rest of the trail is pretty clearly marked (keep to the right ahead and then keep heading straight up). 2,000 feet in 2 miles and up what used to be a road to a fire tower makes for a slow, monotonous hike. The last half mile is lovely though; picked some blackberries and the woods are just so green. At the summit there are two viewpoints to the southeast and to the west. Great views of Nash Stream Forest and nearby mountains. Very quiet and secluded. Quick route down and overall easy descent but can get slippery at times.