Presidential Traverse Trail

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Presidential Traverse Trail is a 24.5 mile moderately trafficked point-to-point trail located near Randolph, New Hampshire that features a great forest setting. The trail is only recommended for very experienced adventurers and primarily used for hiking. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

24.5 miles
10429 feet
Point to Point

dogs on leash





The Presidential Traverse is an excellent and well traveled hike of some of New England's highest peaks - almost all at maximum exposure. This trip is not for the faint of heart or meant to be attempted in just one day - but it can be done with the right preparation. An official Presidential Traverse begins at Madison to Adams to Jefferson to Washington and then on to Monroe to Eisenhower to Pierce and finally Jackson.

8 months ago

My first hike. Went with wonderful supportive people which was essential because it was certainly not breezy. The views throughout were magical and I felt blessed the whole time. Started out as a group of 7 at the bottom of Mt. Madison at 4:15am. One of our hikers didn't feel well on the way, so we were moving slowish and reached the first summit around 9am, and the hut around 9:30am. So she decided to take the trail down the other side of the mountain, escorted by her brother at that point. 5 of us moved on to Adams, Jefferson, Clay, and finally reached the top of Mount Washington around 5:30 pm after hiking for 13.5 hours. Myself and one other newbie hiker finished our hike at that point. I texted my cousin ahead of time and asked him to get us. It turned out that they don't let any cars on the road to the top after 5pm, so they didn't let him in when he came at 5:08pm. Paid $50 a person for the ride from the top to the parking, but actually felt lucky to get that ride on time. Because no rides are offered after they close the observation deck around 6pm. The three hikers from our group finished the planned hike and climbed another 4mountains, getting to the car we parked the night before around midnight. They went on some tough hikes before, real champs. I think if it weren't for us newbies, they would have completed the hike 10-20% earlier because our pace was definitely slower.
I have nothing but positive feelings, and now plan on getting myself prepped for the full Pres. Traverse within he next year :) Btw though I am an active person, I've never considered myself an outdoors type of a girl. I am now hooked for life. The air, the views, the nature I've experienced during this hike are truly magical and I can't wait for my next exploration!

8 months ago

Absolutely beautiful! Very easy to do over the course of 4 days if you stay in Madison, Lakes, and Mizpah along the way.

8 months ago

Went South to North, which made the second half brutal. Started at midnight and didn't see another person until 7am on Mt.Washington. Only two other hikers on Washington, but started seeing people from the huts after 7. The weather was beautiful. Bring poles and boots because the rocks are ankle breakers when you are fatigued. 14 hrs total in time to catch the shuttle back to my truck!

8 months ago

Amazing.Took longer then expected but we saw sunset from Mount Washington summit , stayed at lake of the clouds and hiked remainder of trail next day.