Mt. Washington via Jewell Trail, Gulfside Trail and Crawford Path

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Mt. Washington via Jewell Trail, Gulfside Trail and Crawford Path is a 11.2 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Marshfield Station, New Hampshire that features a waterfall and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

11.2 miles
4,166 feet

dogs on leash



nature trips






wild flowers




Directions from US 3 north of I-93, NH: Travel US 3 east to where it intersects with US 302. Take US 302 east for several miles to where it forks with Base Road. Travel Base Road to Mt. Clinton Road. Stay on Base Road and travel 1 more mile to the trailhead by the parking area on the south side of the road.

8 hours ago

Great trail! We followed this down Mt Washington after doing Amoonusec up. It was not easy but much better than the rocks on the other side. It was a clear day so we got great views of the Gulf and the Cog Railroad. It is extremely exposed (more than halfway) so if there is bad weather like lightning or strong wind, I would avoid it. It wasn't well marked on the trail but there were plenty of people to follow. We followed the signs right back to the Amoonusec parking lot.

12 days ago

Hard but great hike

14 days ago

Hiked up Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail and then down Jewel Trail. The combination of these is perfect. Ammonoosuc is definitely difficult including crossing 2 waterfalls and a constant rock scrabble to the tree line and beyond then from Lake of the Clouds to the summit it is just a killer stair master climb. Jewel coming down is no picnic as it has its own rock scrabbles but no water so it’s less treacherous. I know they say you can take dogs but being a dog lover I think the rocks on these trails will tear most dogs pads to shreds. The views once beyond the trees are spectacular. Bring something warm for the summit, we started at 80 degrees but the summit was 54 plus 25-30 mph winds.

22 days ago

Amazing! We hiked up on 7/27/18. I had super low expectations going in as my family (Mom (46), Dad (51), two teens (15, 13)) had never done anything like this before and now I can’t wait to do it again! We started at the Cog Railway and I’m not ashamed to admit we looked like morons trying to find the entrance to the Jewell Trail. So that you too don’t look like us, if you start at the Cog, walk past everyone in line then cross the tracks and you’ll see the Jewell Trail sign. We’ve had a lot of rain so did have to take our time and wait our turn crossing the river/stream. We took the Jewell Trail because everyone said it was “easier”. I can’t even imagine what the Ammanassouc (so?) is like if Jewell was easier. It took us 4.5 hours to the Summit and frankly, it was tough. However, once you get thru the tree line, it is all worth it!!!! Bring binoculars!! I actually found above the tree line harder because the Trail didn’t seem as defined. Yet another tip for folks... follow the rock formations as that is the Trail. Took us awhile to figure that out ;). I wish I tracked how long it took us to the tree line but I think it was about half our time to get to tree line and then half our time from tree line to Summit. Last tip... if you think you have enough water, you don’t. Pack more as we were down to baby sips the closer we got to the Summit! Overall great trip and surprisingly my legs didn’t hurt the next day! I think they would have tho had we climbed down and not taken the Cog. We had to train it tho as we were so not prepared for the weather that was coming in! Happy Trails!!

28 days ago

We (my wife, 7 year old daughter and I) went up Ammonoosuc to the summit and down Jewell. Saturday was an absolutely perfect day. 4 hours up and maybe 30 minutes on the summit (being such a nice day, it was a mob scene) and 4 hours down. There were parts of Jewell coming down where the bolder scramble was really tough for my daughter but it was an absolutely great time. I did this trail with my mom and sister about 20 years ago and had not come up from the West since, despite probably 10 or 12 hikes up Mt Washington in between. It was the first summit for my wife and daughter and we’re all looking forward to more hikes in the Whites soon!

1 month ago

This was a fantastic hike for views up and down. We did the trail counterclockwise, which I think made for a great ending along the Gulfside/Jewell Trail, which actually sparkles in the sunlight. Ammonoosuc Ravine trail is pretty straight ascent and lots of big loose rock at the top. We stopped at Lakes of the Cloud hut (bring cash for coffee, lemonade or a home cooked meal). Then about a mile and a half more to the summit (where there are lots of food options and a ride down on the railway). We overpacked for a cold summit and brought our own food. Also, it feels a little odd to share your accomplished summit with folks who drove up and have to stand in a line to take your picture at the top. But overall a good challenge and some breath taking views.

1 month ago

We used this as a way to hike Mount Monroe and Washington. Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail followed a rushing river before climbing very steeply to lake of the clouds. The area is incredibly scenic and has wonderful views of Ammonoosuc Ravine. Mount Monroe had incredible views of the Southern Presidentials and Oaks Gulf. The trail then climbs along loose rock over the Bigelow Lawn and up the summit cone of Washington. The summit of civilized Washington and I didn’t bond well, since I prefer wilderness peaks. Not to mention the crowds of people who didn’t work for the views. Jewell Trail is definitely the best way to descend, you get a gradual descent along the Great Gulf and back to mid station.

1 month ago

I hiked up Jewell today just sort of the junction with gulf. Jewell is an easy trail to the timberline — it gets steeper towards gulf. Once you get above timberline - the views are incredible. I was hiking alone and early.

1 month ago

my wife and i are barely In shape we hiked this today and it was 67 degrees at the summit . beautiful hike on a clear day

1 month ago

Beautiful in the trees and breathtaking when you get into the alpine zone.

Wouldn’t recommend going without hiking boots, lots of water and layers. I also recommend bringing lots of snacks and a lunch as the food at the top is not good and it is crowded with tourists. Next time I will spend zero time at the summit, but because it was our first time we wanted the picture at the sign.

We were very hot at the base (July 6) and for the majority of the first two and a half miles yet freezing by the time we reached the summit. Will do again! Beautiful.

1 month ago

The Jewell Trail is beautiful-- a fantastic mix of forest and alpine with a rocky finish to the top. It was cloudy from just about where the trees turn to pine shrubs on the day we went and we had only a few breaks in the clouds and a completely socked in summit. The trail from the summit to the Lakes of the Clouds Hut (which is delightful) was a very pleasant trail-- well maintained with lovely views. The Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail drops down directly behind the hut. It's a steeper trail than Jewell-- mostly boulders and open rock face with lots of scrambling. Some beautiful views coming down this side. We did the loop clockwise but if we did it again we'd likely go the other direction.

Two things to keep in mind: our mileage according to GPS was 8.8 round trip from the hiker's parking lot at the Cog Railway (the description used to have the mileage at 7.3, now has it at 11.2-- the AMC guide has it at 10.0). The second is that if you park in the hiker's parking lot for the Cog Railway you need to pay $10 cash at the self service parking permit station.

1 month ago

Great trail. Rocky and/or wet by moments.
BEWARE: This trail is NOT 11km as advertised but rather 16km !

2 months ago

Did it a day after Franconia ridge, I still can’t walk. Both were awesome hikes.

4 months ago

I hike Mt Washington once a year and love it. Always have a bag packed for all weather. I have been in ice storms during Oct!

5 months ago

Hiked in October 2017. The way up went by much faster than anticipated, great trail and very scenic. Weather couldn't have been more perfect. Of course very high winds at the top. The way down is when I struggled but that's just from my exhaustion and muscles! Took longer than anticipated but made it out as the sun was setting. On our way down we missed the turn for our trail and ended up walking quite a ways on the wrong trail and had to turn around. SO make sure you have your eyes peeled for trail signs/turns!! Bring layers - never know what the weather will be like especially at the summit. Absolutely beautiful views the whole time.

7 months ago

This is probably the easiest trail for Mt. Washington. Add Clay for a bonus.

9 months ago

We took the suggested route. Time to summit was 3:20ish, with a whole trip time of 7:25 (including an hour spent thawing and eating at the observatory). Like others have said, it’s a stair master of a hike. Weather was clear and very windy. Fortunately during our lunch, a ranger suggested we drop out of the exposed portion of the mountain asap due to the expected gusts. Hurricane winds greeted us as we descended (83 mph +/-). The Jewell trail did seem like the longer portion of the hike. We loved it.

10 months ago

Weather, weather, wind. Thought we were going to get rained on, that didn't happen but it was a misty cloudy day at the top. Breathtaking views from the section between the summit and Lake of the Clouds. Worth a hike because it truly is a unique area. Happy trails!

11 months ago

I have so much to say about this looped trail but I'm still swearing so I will keep it civil and tell everyone that not only is the mileage incorrect, but do not go by anyone's moving time. I took a total of thirty minutes tops for breaks and total time was over 8 hours and yet it shows moving for 3 hours and change. That's BS! From the hut to the end of the Jewel trail was not one break and it took almost five hours!
Plan accordingly and have your ten essentials!

Editing the day after to say: Although this trail kicked my butt, it was beautiful and had breathtaking views. I'm glad I hiked this and it gave me a reality check for my capabilities. This is not the Wapack trail so do not overestimate your abilities and do not take risks. Start early, very early. I hiked two plus hours in the dark because I ended up taking longer to climb up Amonoosuc Ravine trail than I planned. Over 139 people have died on Mt Washington, do not be the next person. Be safe and hike on!

11 months ago

We took this trail down from the summit of Washington after tacking on Mt Clay. the boulder fields at the top were horrible leading to an ankle roll with three miles left to go. Once in the scrub brush and back to the trees the trail was pleasant...but L O N G. The last bit was tough to navigate in the late part of the day as we lost light....then it dumps you into a river crossing! Not my favorite but probably okay for people looking for less steep access to the summit.

11 months ago

This trail was awesome! I hiked it August 1 with my dog, and it kicked our asses (in a good way). It was really beautiful in the woods. Once at the treeline, the terrain changed from deep, lush greens to twiggy brush and a steeper climb. Then came the boulder field and that was incredible. It's easy to lose sight of the trail at this point because the cairns to mark the trail are made by a pile of rocks in the boulder field, like finding a needle in a haystack. It took us about five hours to reach the summit and once we did the pup's paws were shredded from the uneven path. The view was insanely beautiful and it felt so good to reach the top. Luckily, there was some trail magic and we got help back to the car. It was a beautiful day, really great weather with the most perfect pup in the world!

11 months ago

this is one the best hike I ever did so far.

11 months ago

Excellent hike up via the Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail and back down via Gulfside and Jewell Trails. Challenging on the way up, especially since it gets steeper after the first mile. But the views are well worth it. Though we're in decent shape, we're fairly novice hikers. We made it from the Cog Railway parking lot to the Lake of the Clouds Hut in about 1:45. After a quick side trip to bag Mt. Monroe, we got to the Mt. Washington summit in about another 45 mins. Great place to rest up a bit and get some chow before heading back down. The hike back took about 2:30. The trails are well marked and were dry today, though I can imagine the rocks on the Ammonoosuc Ravine trail can get slippery after some rain, making it more treacherous. Highly recommend it!

11 months ago

Definately not an easy trail for me. once out of the woods and above the tree line..beautiful views but the rocks slowed me down. Made the trip with family and friends, the day after was a sedentary day so that my legs could recover.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Above treeline has gorgeous views and once you are surrounded by the forest it's rather peaceful. Bright green moss everywhere and the sun slanting through the trees. An easier trail than the Ammonoosuc, in my opinion.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Easy trail, but rather boring when below treeline which is more than half of the hike. better choices available.

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

challenging hike. weather can change on a dime, which can impede any/all views near the top.

Monday, July 31, 2017

- Bring water, food, wear long pants, bring a waterproof windbreaker and a warm layer or two in your pack as well as a headlamp. It was 72 at the base and 36 at the top with the windchill.

We hiked the whole 10(ish) mile trail loop, starting with the Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail, up to Crawford Pass, to Gulfside Trail, and down Jewell Trail back to the Cog Railway parking lot. If you use AllTrails they'll call this a 7.4 mile loop, it's not, ends up at around 11-12 with a few loop backs. It is an absolutely beautiful hike up the Ravine Trail, so have your camera ready. As you climb up you get a wonderful view of the valley. At the top of that pass there is a lodge that was selling soup for $2 before you continue the climb up to the top of mt washington (1.5 miles) which is where the cog railway takes people. While there you can also pick up some provisions in case you've run short before heading back down or you can cut the hike short and take the cog railway down. The hike down is extremely rocky using the Jewell trail with far more shaky rocks than the way up on the Ravine trail, you are also above the tree line and exposed for a portion of this hike back. At the bottom there is a split for nt parking to the right, if you parked at the cog station take the left route or you'll be walking on the road for an extra .5+. Overall a beautiful hike up the highest point in NE.

***Check the weather before hiking at*** There is a reason this hike is listed on the top 7 mountains in the world that are underestimated (there's a sign at the top of the 159 people the mountain has claimed). The mountain is cited to have the worst weather in North America, and it constantly shifts. Storms blow in out of nowhere, fog rolls in and people get lost on the trail. So be prepared.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A great day of hiking. Incredible views throughout. I was able to bang out Monroe too. So two off the list. This added a little over a mile to the hike. My first time up Washington and I will always remember this day, just amazing!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Did this on a 87 degree day. Totally worth it.

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