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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

So when I was planning this hike, I was pretty jazzed about the fact that we’d be on a part of the famed Appalachian Trail. I was equating it to the PCT of the west, with its great trail and views and signage etc. I can’t begin to say how much this is nothing like the PCT. I am sure there are wonderful segments of this trail somewhere, this just isn’t one of them. I’m quite sure this could qualify as the worst stretch of it all. If not, and there are worse sections of it, then I won’t be visiting them. My wife and I fully intended on going all the way to Mt. Madison and back as our day hike. I mean, it’s only 9 miles round trip. Not anything we aren’t accustomed to at least. But this trail, from the git go, had us wondering if the last time someone was on it was during the civil war. It was the worst. Rocks and roots and boulders and you name it. You couldn’t keep a steady pace if you tried. And we soon realized, there was no way we would make the top, at all, much less in any given time frame. After stumbling over endless amounts of roots and rocks and climbing over huge boulders that the trail went right over, we had had enough, and we had only gone about 2 ½ miles?? I just couldn’t believe the areas where the trail went over massive boulders, instead of around them?? You wind up sliding down the down side of these rocks, it’s crazy. Not sure who designed this trail section, but it’s not one to write home about. Then we were left with the thought of having to go back over that ugly 2 ½ miles again to get back to our car. But better that than 4 ½. When I called the ranger station before we left asking whether we could park along the Mt. Washington road right there, she had said most people don’t hike Madison in one day. I told her I wasn’t most people. Well, turns out I was quickly schooled on her knowledge of said trail. I won’t be back to try again either. What a miserable mess to walk on. I’d give it one star, but feel because of its fame and notoriety, I will reluctantly give it 3. As a grade score, F