10.4 miles
4150 feet

dog friendly




trail running






6 months ago

I did not do the loop in this map, we went up the Blueberry Ledge Trail across the Rollins Trail and Down the Dicey Mill Trail.
It is a difficult trail but manageable if that makes sense. There is rock scrambling as you approach Whiteface but we were fortunate to have dry rocks, I would imagine it being difficult if it was wet or icy.
The weather in the morning was slightly muggy for 50degrees, when we got to the rock scrambles it was starting to get windy which was refreshing and the sun was poking out through all the clouds. We got some amazing views. As we started to head to Passaconaway the wind was bringing more cloud coverage and we were in the clouds for that summit which is fine as we got the great views at Whiteface. As we started to head down we had a mini overlook where you could see the cloud line and the foliage below. It did start to rain as we made our way down Dicey Mill but because that section is predominately covered we weren't getting too wet. We did bust out our rain jackets and bag covers right before the end of the trail as it started to get heavier.

I would hike this again but probably only do Whiteface as there was more to see especially after the 1st rock scramble.

Parking was fine when we got there but when we walked back to our car it was VERY packed. Glad we start early.

As we drove out their were 2 moose in an open field (male and female) so we had that opportunity to hang out for a second and admire their beauty.