Old Halfway House Trail to White Arrow Trail Loop

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Old Halfway House Trail to White Arrow Trail Loop is a 4.5 mile loop trail located near Jaffrey, New Hampshire that features a great forest setting. The trail is rated as difficult and primarily used for hiking.

4.5 miles
1,630 feet







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little varaition of going straight up the arrow. little less direct and a great view at 2500 off Rosa

1 month ago

Hiked May 28, very overcast day, well marked trail, interesting geology, be prepared for steep climb and scrambling but doable even for inexperienced hiker with some care. Cleared a bit at summit, nice views. Took White Cross back, very different scenery so a nice change of pace. Caught in torrential rain on walk out, scrambles have be very difficult in rain so mibd as water will cascade so mind the weather.

7 months ago

I live near the base of Monadnock. Hiking it over the years, the halfway house way is my favorite. You get a great warm-up as you walk up the dirt road. The trails go in and out of difficulty as you progress through them, but it all makes for the best hike. And the views at the top are so worth it. My favorite place on this planet is up there. Find “Nature’s Recliner” at the top. It’s a rock formation that faces the sunset and is shaped like a reclining chair.

9 months ago

Beautiful hike! Cart trail through the woods to Old Halfway House trail is much more scenic than road trail to Old HH trail. One of my favorite hikes.

9 months ago

I LOVE this trail! Old Halfway House was very easy, but once we got onto White Arrow there was a lot of rock climbing. I personally enjoy climbing up the huge rocks, so if that’s not your thing I suggest you take a different trail. There wasn’t a lot of steep uphill hiking, which was another plus for me. It took two hours to ascend the mountain and two hours to descend - so those huge rocks definitely require some navigating to get back down!

10 months ago

We did a family hike on this trail introducing my 8 years old son to his first mountain hike. The Old Halfway House trail was easy going forest setting but the White Arrow Trail was when things get interesting. It was fairly steep especially in the last mile of the trail to the summit and was very picturesque. Once you past the alpine zone, Mount Monadnock becomes very interesting.

Since the mountain is only about 3,100 feet, you can see all the surrounding town in all of its glory and detail. The day of our hike was picture perfect and I took some stunning panorama from the summit. I will definitely climb this mountain more often now especially when it is just a little over an hour and a half away for me.

Saturday, May 06, 2017

A favorite hike of mine. Nice rest and view at Monte Rosa and a little more gradual ascent to the top of Monadnok

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