2.8 miles
1,138 feet
Out & Back

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1 month ago

It's not as far up the dirt road as I expected, when you see a small pull off area to the right and a large field (above you) to the left, it's marked "Trail". You hike up through a field to a short span of woods and then more field. Then into the woods for an 800 foot elevation gain in .9 miles to the summit. Before the summit, you'll see a split to the right for a gorgeous view of Mount Washington and the surrounding area. Definitely a nice place to rest for a few minutes. The summit is closed in with the ruins of a fire tower. Not really anything to see. Hike past the summit and down 3/400 feet elevation to the ledges. The trail was mostly easy to follow down until almost at the ledges and then it took a bit of watching to keep it, but totally worth it - the view is amazing from the ledges! Well worth the extra .7 or so of a mile and the extra elevation to get back. We spent lunch on the ledges and just enjoyed the view. We did not hike down to the mines, but others we met on the trail said it was another .1 mile and a bit of elevation again, but very interesting to see. It was very buggy with black flies in the am and mosquitos in the afternoon. I would say the first section to the summit was very steep and hiking down to the ledges had three sections that were steep for a short time. I am a very slow and not super fit hiker and handled it well, so I would rate the trail as totally fine for families. No drop offs really, except at the views, of course, so great for kids of all ages. Even the ledges had plenty of open space for kids to move around safety. Enjoy!