Huntington Ravine Trail

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Huntington Ravine Trail is a 5.8 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Randolph, New Hampshire that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from June until September.

5.8 miles
3713 feet
Out & Back



ice climbing

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rock climbing



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3 days ago

A white mountain classic that should only be done if comfortable on steep and exposed terrain. Great views and exciting terrain which will not be soon forgotten!

28 days ago

Tough trail if you go up the headwall to the Alpine Garden. But don't be too scared either. I did it several years ago with twin 9-year old boys, who had zero trouble, and my wife who was recovering from a sprained ankle, who did hobble a little by the end coming down Tucks. It helps to be experienced. We did see a couple of people who were struggling a bit on some of the more exposed scramble sections.

And pay attention to the weather. This would be far harder when wet.

It is also a lot of fun in the winter, but that is not hiking.

3 months ago

A far superior trip up Washington over Tuckerman, but definitely not for the faint of heart. Started at sunrise and was glad we did as it's a lengthy trip up there. Gradual yet steady climb up under the tree line for a few miles which serves as a nice warmup. When the ravine comes into sight things get real. I was with two other gentlemen over 6' and we needed every inch for the scrambles. Some sketchy passes for sure that require tossing your pack up ahead of you. The descent down Tuckerman was a killer on the knees, but overall an unforgettable hike. Didn't see many others on the ascent which was a nice alternative to the novice-saturated Tuckerman. Definitely don't attempt if you are a novice hiker or shorter or not in outstanding shape. Happy trails

7 months ago

Rock climbing when approaching the cliff. This is NOT an easy trail. Do not get confused. Only the first half of this trail is shown here.

10 months ago

Hiked this trail 14 years ago with my cousin and friends. From Long Island NY it was a 7 hour car ride to New Hampshire. Stayed in the penthouse suite of a nearby hotel and partied the night before the hike. While discussing the next day's hike our friend who was acting as guide told us that we were taking the Huntington Ravine Trail. He was swigging cough syrup with vodka so we all assumed the hike would be a cake walk. However we were warned by two local potheads who stopped by that HR was a death trap. Not quite but dam this was a difficult hike, more like rock climbing and certainly nothing we were expecting at the time. Nevertheless we started out the next morning after a hardy breakfast, arrived at the parking lot and started up a boring stretch of the Tuckerman Ravine Trail for about a mile until we took a right onto the HR trail and hiked for a mile or so up a peaceful woodland path, crossed a stream and were enjoying the great scenery. We quickly reached tree line and saw the headwall looming in the distance. The hike quickly turned into a rock climbing expedition. Very difficult. It was July and there were still some snow fields along the trial. We met a mountain climber coming down the trail who explained that this trail was technically the most difficult on the eastern seaboard and that European Alpine climbers often come here to practice their sport. We began questioning our decision to take this route but were resolved to sally forth. As far as I can remember it took us several hours to reach the Alpine trail beyond the headwall and up to the top of the mountain. There was little to no traffic on HR the day we were there. Strenuous and nerve-wracking, between the rock scrambling and the specter of a sudden change in weather, but exciting, adrenaline pumping. At the top of the mountain it is extremely windy, there is building with cafeteria, souvenir stand etc.. After 7 hours on the mountain we were exhausted and paid for a van to drive us down. That night we dined at a local steakhouse and felt good about the days experience. Looking back I'm reminded that it isn't the destination but the getting there that matters. Great memory. If you are in good shape and experienced then take Huntington Ravine trail up Mt. Washington and enjoy the rush.