Crystal Cascades

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Crystal Cascades is a 0.8 mile out and back trail located near Gorham, New Hampshire that features a waterfall and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking and nature trips.

Distance: 0.8 miles Elevation Gain: 160 feet Route Type: Out & Back


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This is a short hike up the Tuckerman Ravine trail to Crystal Cascades.  When you hear the word cascade, you think of a gently sloping rapids-like water feature.  Not here!  This waterfall has a total vertical drop of over 90 feet, with the upper falls being in the range of 70 plus feet and the lower falls being over 25 feet.  The trail crosses the Cutler River below the falls...a nice spot to snap a few photos before seeing the gem on this short hike.  There is a nice viewing area directly opposite of the falls so the falls are very easy to photograph. 

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ascend via boot spur and descend washington via lions head and tuckerman. boot spur is a great alternative to tuckerman, where the alpe pine zone is only a mile from trail beginning, making it a really pretty hike.

A rare day with warm air aloft (thermal inversion because some of the valleys had their first frost). Missed the upper section of Lion Head Trail. Ended coming across Alpine Meadow to Tuckerman. I now know why it is called the rock pile.

A real hard trail, that requires experience, especially if you want to do it both ways in one day. Spectacular view and really cold on the top. Beautiful.

Soloed this bad boy on a beautiful day. The summit is underwhelming because of everyone that drove up but I knew that going in.

#27. The big boy, one I’ve been putting off until this year. Glad I waited, this trail either way was no joke, as stated below. Tried to hike in winter and came back this summer to conquer it! So the first part is extremely wide, elevation was there but it wasnt super apparent until we took Lions Head Trail up. The trail got narrow and there was climbing without poles, the lions head was spectacular, as well as the ravine. Bring a jacket, this day was set to be clear but it was windy and foggy. The last part before the summit is spider scrambling up with a lot of endurance needed. I really took my time on this one, definitely kicked my butt. After you think you’re done spider scrambling the way up to the summit you have to walk up to the busy auto road with all the noise and cars to the sign that you have to wait in line to take pictures with people either hiking/cog railway/auto road up to the summit which in my opinion I dont super like that atmosphere but it was expected. The fog cleared just enough to see a view from the summit. Getting lunch in the snack bar was great, everything was delicious and I’m glad we got to take a break. As we headed down Tuckerman’s Ravine, although I think this would have been harder to go up than down, going down was dangerous! I love a good worried scramble down but it was the whole way you had to really be careful. I def. would not take Tuckermans Ravine down in any inclement weather. Stunning vertical walls in the ravine, absolutely worth it to see.

Tucks baby Still some snow left!

What a great hike! The first three miles of Tuckermans is a steady but moderate (for a 4,000 footer) incline. The last mile will murder you - be VERY alert on the scrambles, as they’re poorly marked and it’s easy to go off trail. Definitely take Lions Head back. A little easier on the descent and the views you get are second to none.

Killer day 2 hours up 1 hour 45 minutes down

So much scrambling and climbing. Very little soft ground. Have good shoes, sunscreen, and lots of water. Not many switchbacks either, pretty much just climbing straight up the mountain

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