14.0 miles
4,698 feet

dog friendly


nature trips



4 months ago

These were 18, 19 & 20 for our NH 4000 footers. We went up 19 Mile Brook Trail to Carter Dome trail. Book time for those 4 miles is close to 3.5 hours but we did it in 2 hours. The trail was 19 Mile Brook Trail was fairly easy, and Carter Dome trail was a little harder but not much- it was mild incline the whole way. From here we took Carter Moriah over to South and Middle Carter. This 2.1 mile leg (one way) took about 90 minutes there and about the same back. Some up and down but nothing too difficult. When we got back to Zeta pass we decided to go for Carter Dome. We skipped Mt Hight to save a little time and distance but missed what we heard were great views. The trail up to Carter Dome was a mild incline and took about 40 minutes (1.2 miles) up and 50 minutes down. We back tracked down the Carter Dome Trail and Nineteen Mile Brook Trail in another 2 hours and 20 minutes. The hike was long- 10 hours including an hour of break time and 15 miles- but the trails themselves were easy-moderate the whole way.