4.2 miles
1,141 feet



nature trips




8 days ago

MY 3 star review is for the Blueberry Pasture trail which I should have remembered from a while back....it's basically an old washed out logging road (some work has been done to the very bottom). I'm not a fan of wide, rocky road trails - to me a trail is a narrow hiking trail, not something that potentially gets used by snowmobiles etc.. So, my hike up was not much fun till I actually got to the first open meadows and views. Then I crossed Staighback to the purple Precipice East Trail which I love! I would happily give the Precipice East a 5 star.... Don't feel like it gets enough GOOD reviews! It is not scary, super dangerous or super hard. Of course it's steep going down the ravine, but it is so lovely with the brook alongside through the gulch that I simply love it. The only bummer to me is that the bottom is not a good cross back to the Blueberry parking lot. There's a missing bridge, beaver dam crossing that can be tough to do with dry feet and the signage is not great either as most of it is aimed at snowmobiles. Seems it would be sweet to have a nice crossover trail from the bottom of the steep gulch to the Blueberry pasture trail so the loop can be done easily!