117.4 miles
8,379 feet
Point to Point

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off road driving

off road driving
5 months ago

Great trail for the whole family. Took us 1.5 days taking it pretty easy average 14 mph most of the time in a lifted Tacoma with 33” tires aired down to 13 & 10 psi for comfort and grip. Very fun trail that any stock 4x4 can easily handle larger vehicles definitely expect to come home with racing stripes. We had a stock f150 in the group who momentarily got stuck on the running board and put a bubble in his bfg all terrain sidewalls and one motorcycle overheat in the dune section so take it easy there. Gas is just off the trail to the north about 20 miles from the end. We took an extra 5 gallons just Incase and that would have been enough. Water crossing at the end was 3 ft deep and no issue. Lots of wildlife- scorpion, rattle snake, racer snake, coach whip snake, baby chuckwalla, rabbits, squirrels, deer, cows, lots of lizards, desert tortoise on the trail so watch out! Slept outside under the stars. Have fun!