Mojave Road

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Mojave Road is a 117.4 mile point-to-point trail located near Laughlin, Nevada and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for off road driving and is best used from November until March. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

117.4 miles
8,379 feet
Point to Point

dogs on leash

off road driving

off road driving
2 months ago

Great trail for the whole family. Took us 1.5 days taking it pretty easy average 14 mph most of the time in a lifted Tacoma with 33” tires aired down to 13 & 10 psi for comfort and grip. Very fun trail that any stock 4x4 can easily handle larger vehicles definitely expect to come home with racing stripes. We had a stock f150 in the group who momentarily got stuck on the running board and put a bubble in his bfg all terrain sidewalls and one motorcycle overheat in the dune section so take it easy there. Gas is just off the trail to the north about 20 miles from the end. We took an extra 5 gallons just Incase and that would have been enough. Water crossing at the end was 3 ft deep and no issue. Lots of wildlife- scorpion, rattle snake, racer snake, coach whip snake, baby chuckwalla, rabbits, squirrels, deer, cows, lots of lizards, desert tortoise on the trail so watch out! Slept outside under the stars. Have fun!

off road driving
4 months ago

Awesome Trail - River Crossing was manageable in a Stock Suburban Z71 with 4x4. Trail is pretty easy to follow with GPS. Drylake is fun - lots of different terrain. Sand, Rocks, Rutted Washes. Small technical sections. Only one real rocky section coming down into Laughlin. Overall not to bad just a few Santa Fe Racing stripes on the side of the truck after. Nothing bad. Highly recommend. Took me 2 days camping in the middle and taking our time.

off road driving
4 months ago

Just finished this trail with family. 6 vehicles in all and we had a blast. We traveled east to west starting at mile 0 at the Avi. Had rain most of the day Sat and heavy rain that night. lots of exploring and some amazing scenery along the way. keep the rock cairns on your right. The rain made for some great off-roading but we had to bypass soda lake. We did backtrack from Razor Rd. to place our rock at Travelers. It was very muddy and would have been impossible to make the entire dry lake. Afton Canyon is absolutely amazing! We could have spent another day just exploring this area. Water crossing was very deep after the rain the night before. Always use caution when crossing this section...3 - 4' deep that afternoon. We all made it and finished up in Barstow. 3 days total and a lifetime of memories. We will definitely do this trail again. 4X4 is recommended. Carry extra fuel and don't go alone. Great camping spots scattered along trail. Like always pack it out.

off road driving
7 months ago

Historical route with many side trips. seen many of video on this route and I am surprised how much the trial difficulty has gone up. There was only one steep downhill section I couldn't do. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to test their overland skills without tearing sort their rig.

off road driving
8 months ago


off road driving
9 months ago

Excellent track any 4x4 should be able to tackle! Path is easily marked for the whole route (just keep rock piles on your right side) this could easily be done in two days but I recommend doing it in three. Three days gives you more time to explore the side trails and features. I highly recommend the lava tubes and cinder mine! Both were very cool spots!

off road driving
Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Super awesome went the first of June not to hot and completed in one day. So many cool things to do and see a must for any weekend warrior overlander.

off road driving
Tuesday, May 26, 2015

4 day trip, 146 miles of awesome! 1 moderate descent, muddy dry lake bed, 2 4ft water crossings, and endless fun. Had a 14 gal spare gas tank, others made it by with 10 gal.

off road driving
Friday, April 03, 2015

We spent the night at a Hotel in Laughlin and the hot shower sure felt good. I didn't take as many pictures as I should have but it took all of my concentration to make it through the 40 miles of deep sand.

On the return trip, we took a different route out of Laughlin and I drove the gas truck the whole way back. I got stuck near Geoff as a train had broken down and was blocking the road so I had to drive 10 miles to a place where I could go under the tracks and just barely cleared. As a result of the train blocking the road, I was an hour late to the gas stop and you do not get cell phone reception on the Mojave Road.

By the time the day was over and I finally got home, I think I had driven my truck over 600 miles the final day. That wore me out more than riding my bike the day before.

This is a fun ride, but it is more fun if you can have a designated gas truck driver so you don't have to trade off. Never do this ride alone because if you have a problem, it could be a very long time before someone would find you. I would say that the minimum number of riders should be at least four to be on the safe side and more is even better.

If your group is over a certain number, you have to get a permit from the Mojave National Preserve Ranger. This ride is best done in the winter because it can get well over 110 or higher in the summer.

off road driving
Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Great, easy trail. Some technical sections, lots of landmarks. Use GPS. Stock 4WD should be fine, but may sustain some minor damage to low hanging plastic parts. Did the trail in 2 days, taking our time and camping in the middle. Find a campsite with shelter from the wind (maybe against a ridge). Completed the trip in early April, and is was getting a little hot. Rain could hamper a trek across the dry lake bed. Sign the logbook at the mailbox, and bring a rock across the lake to the travelers monument .

off road driving
Thursday, August 04, 2011

If you like the desert, then you will love the Old Mojave Road, from the salt flats to the old ruins, to the mail stop, to the ice pond, to Old Fort Mojave, the Nipton Hotel and finally to Laughlin, NV. Best to do it with a group of friends, stay at the Nipton Hotel one night and the have drinks and buckets of shrimp in Laughlin. We have done this several times as a tribute to our friend, Ken T.

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