Tahoe Rim Trail (TRT): Spooner Summit to Kingsbury Grade

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Spooner Lake Management Area

Tahoe Rim Trail (TRT): Spooner Summit to Kingsbury Grade is a 11.7 mile moderately trafficked point-to-point trail located near Glenbrook, Nevada that features beautiful wild flowers and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until October. Dogs and horses are also able to use this trail.

Distance: 11.7 miles Elevation Gain: 2,135 feet Route Type: Point to Point

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horseback riding

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wild flowers

HIGHLIGHTS: Panoramic views of Lake Tahoe. Ancient fir trees. THE SECTION FOR TREE LOVERS‚ ANCIENT FIRS, AND EXPANSIVE ASPEN GROVES: Shadowing the rugged peaks of the Carson Range, this trail segment weaves between the huge trunks of ancient firs and over sun-splashed granite outcrops. Ridge top crossings showcase panoramic views of the Tahoe Basin and Carson Valley. Open stands of Jeffrey pine alternate with the cool stillness of red fir forests and the cheerful rustlings of aspen groves. A diverse array of birds and small animals inhabit the area and alert hikers may catch a glimpse of marmots frolicking across boulders or coyotes and mule deer slipping between the trees. From Spooner Summit (7150ft), the trail switchbacks upward through fragrant conifers and across small meadows brightened in spring by the cheerful yellow blooms of mule's ear. Nearby stand aspens whose broad trunks bear inscriptions carved long ago by lonely Basque Shepherds. A long traverse up the volcanic flanks of South Camp Peak (8866ft) leads to the highest point on the segment (8830ft) and a stunning view that sweeps across the entire length of Lake Tahoe. Along the descent to Kingsbury, dense woods occasionally part to reveal glimpses of sparkling water framed between the branches of lush firs. Just south of South Camp Peak, a dirt road crosses the TRT and rises steeply to the top of Genoa Peak (9150ft), overlooking Carson Valley.

Great little joint out to the most amazing views of the lake. A little snow about mile 4.5 for half mile. Otherwise pretty clear

9 days ago

Hiked on 5/19/20, 5 hours for 12.7 miles. Right after fresh snow so the entire trail was covered, still some big drifts, lost few times but found it soon after. Very nice hike, especially after fresh snow. Fine with hiking boots, better if water proof, mine were not, wet socks.

mountain biking
9 months ago

Awesome ride! Perfect for the XC MTB enthusiast. It has challenging mixed terrain with steep gradients that will certainly leave you satisfied. The scenic views over look Lake Tahoe and the Douglas Valley... pretty spectacular honestly. I will ride this trail again and again, and so should you!

horseback riding
10 months ago

Took our horses in this trail. Some parts were pretty rocky and steep, but nonetheless an amazing ride with beautiful views.

11 months ago

I refer to this hike as the Genoa peak hike. beautiful views, but you do gain a lot of elevation. hiked on 6/22 and there was too much snow in the last half mile to summit. still a great hike though! ran the downhills with my dog and we came across a few other runners and some mountain bikers.

Wed Aug 15 2018

Very nice part of the TRT. I started at Spooner Summit and went south. Adding the Kingsbury North to Kingsbury South connector on at the end was a large task due to the incline and by that point my energy had been spent. I took the time to go to the peak of Genoa and also climb around Castle Rock for a great overlook of South Lake Tahoe.

Wed Jun 27 2018

Awesome views and quite the workout.

Sun May 20 2018

This trail is amazing. I started at Spooner summit. Its steep at first then it gets better. I went off the trail a few times to see the lakes from the rocks. There are some hidden trails you can see in all trails to go up to the peak. I only went 3 hours out and turned around since I was not prepared with camping gear. You are allowed to camp along the trail and they advice to camp no further than 300ft from the trail. The altitude changes fast. This is not a beginner trail.

Mon Jun 27 2016

It was hot and dry, but I knew that going in. Given the short distance I did this section as a day hike to minimize the water I had to carry. I took 5 liters and it was more than enough to get through this section. Despite everything, you get some amazing views of the entire lake. These views were worth every step.

Sun May 08 2016

Sun Apr 24 2016

It was a beautiful day to hike, but it was snow & ice. It made it a little difficult. Thank GOD I had my trekking poles for balance.

Mon Jul 20 2015

Great trail run with rolling hills and amazing views. Trail is well-maintained, soft dirt- rocky as you approach the summit. Once reached, the summit outcropping has amazing panoramic views of Lake Tahoe.

Mon Jun 15 2015

Good little hike from Spooner to Kingsbury. The overlook at the "George Miller memorial Bench" on south Camp Peak is one of the best you'll find on the entire Rim Trail.

Tue Jun 09 2015

Not sure if this is the right trail to put this on as the "TRT" seems to start in different spots. The trail we went on started off North Shore Blvd. Park across the street from the trail and cross the highway to start. It is straight up for the first 2 miles. Being from Southern California the air is very thin up here and our lungs were screaming. The trail evened out and about the last 2 miles straight up again. Once at the top where all the rocks are at was the most amazing view. Breathe taking views. We stood in awe for some time played with the chipmunks and decided to carry on for at least another mile. It took us 5 hours for a 10 mile hike with lots of stopping and lots of pictures. The out if breathes and tired legs was worth it. A must do hike!

Thu May 21 2015

Hiked this from Kingsbury North to Spooner Summit, opposite from what is described. Was dropped off at 8am by a friend at the trailhead and was picked up at Rt 50. One of the best views of any hike I have ever taken. I often suggest this portion of the trail to others who may be visiting the area. The grade is not steep but a steady climb out of Kingsbury. Did not see much activity until I started descending from Spooner toward Rt 50. Ran into some Mountain bikers in this stretch. Vistas are well worth any type of effort. You will be rewarded with beauty.

mountain biking
Sun Sep 08 2013

Nice 5 mile climb up to spooner summit Heading south. Took about 2 1/2 hours to get to the breathtaking view of the whole Lake Tahoe. Then descended down into fast/ technical/ awesome views through forest to kingsbury. Finished our ride taking the kingsbury grade highway down into the town (stateline) with some 9% grade downhill.

Tue Aug 13 2013

Love the hike done it several times great views not much traffic can see all of Lake Tahoe great views can snow mobile there also

Fri Sep 09 2011

We went the opposite direction, Kingbury North to Spooner. Views are outstanding. Every step is a stunner. We camped at South Camp Peak and melted snow for water. We planned to pump water at Spooner Lake, but it was scuzzy (green and fuzzy). My husband drank it, but I wouldn't. Have a pal bring you water, leave some in a parked vehicle, or carry more. We finished at Tahoe Meadows. There's much more water the last couple of miles (and people too).

Tue Aug 16 2011

Great day trip hike!! Lots of uphill trail if youre into that, once you reach the summit it has a really great view of the Lake. You may want to half the trail once you get to the summit/ lookout point. It took a few hours to get up but was the time coming back. I have done hole trail but its easer to it with no car pool.

Thu Mar 31 2011

Bomb trail!

19 days ago

7 months ago

8 months ago

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